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Define the Romance Genre

Alrighty, well as you can see I’m going out of order with the defining of the genres posts. I promise, you will survive (hey! hey!).
I defined the genres as thusly (here):

1. Fantasy
2. Horror
3. Mystery/Crime
4. Romance
5. Science Fiction
6. Thriller/Suspense/Adventure

But I’m not going in order. That’ just me though; sporadic. Although, I never said I’d go in order, so… In fear of kicking a dead horse, let’s move on.
I loathe that phrase, by the way: kicking a dead horse.
Here is my definition of romance and then all of its subgenres (and its subgenres’ subgenres)…










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Defining the Fiction Genres

If there is one aspect of writing that boggles my mind, it is the ever pervading meaning of ‘genre’.

Fiction and Non-Fiction are the simple ones. We all get those.

YA is also pretty easy to figure – books for “young adults”. Children’s books – yeah, those are for the munchkins.

But the rest? Not so easy.

The fiction genres are a wide category.

Fantasy. Horror. Mystery/Crime. Romance. Science Fiction. Thriller/Suspense/Adventure.


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