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Coyote the Trickster

Coyote is the 4th and last of my trickster series.  He is normally compared to both Loki and Prometheus, whenever mentioned.

The Coyote is the Trickster I was first introduced to and I have to admit that even though I love the Kitsune and Loki, I play favorites with Coyote because I’m Native.



He is anthropomorphic. A human. A coyote. Able to be both at the same time. Able to be only one at a time. Whichever he chooses. He is also able to take the shape of a human with a coyote’s head, but I find that theory creepy, strange, and kind of dorky/silly. So I’m going to continue on ignoring it and pretend I didn’t say it.

Coyote is one of the First People, one of the beings who existed before the human race.

There is not a race of coyote tricksters as there are with the Kitsune, for example. There is only one Coyote, as he is an immortal. And even though he may die in one tale, legend, or myth, he will always and forever return to life.








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Loki of Mischief

I saw the movie Thor and was instantly intrigued by the character Loki. On closer inspection, I found Loki in Norse mythology to be different than how Marvel portrayed him in the movie. To be honest, all the gods were cruel, self serving, and malicious towards humans. Thor and Loki were the only two portrayed as caring about the humans. The movies and comics have created their own spin on each character.

But that’s enough of that.

What I’m going to inform you of is Norse mythology where Loki is concerned.

There are three major opinions of the creature Loki. One, that he is a malicious, cruel, and loathsome trickster who takes pleasure in the pain of others. Two, he is not unlike most other tricksters in mythology, sometimes good, sometimes bad. And three, that of the Pagan’s opinion. I’ll go into that briefly towards the end.

Norse mythology was written down eighty bajillion years after it was first practiced and everyone, their brother and, their cousin twice-removed has their own theory on what went down, why, and how. There are more variations of Norse Mythology than you can shake a stick at. It’s crazy ridiculous. Because of this, I’ve decided to only share with you a highlighted version of Loki’s lore – giving you the main points and only those parts of his lore that are agreed upon by multiple sources.








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Japanese Kitsune (PART TWO)

Last Monday I posted part one of my research on the Japanese kitsune. You can find it (here) . This is the second and last part… And remember that this is all how I understand it. If I’m incorrect you’re not allowed to throw rocks at my head. Deal?









What each kitsune can do depends on what lore you’re reading, what kind of kitsune it is, and how old it is. They can…

  • Breathe fire
  • Posses humans and foxes
  • Become invisible
  • Manifest themselves in humans’ dreams
  • Fly
  • Ward off evil
  • Feed on the life or spirit of a human through sex
  • Bend time and space so that in a pocket of the human world, they can place another realm of their own making. These realms can take up no more than a few inches of space in the human realm. But inside they can be as vast as the kitsune wants it to be. For every human year, some lore states that seven years pass in these pocket realms.
  • Create illusions to confuse victims. The illusions are so elaborate that they are almost indistinguishable from reality.
  • In some lore they can take human form at 50 years old, others not until 100. Greatest of their abilities was to take human form. In some lore they did this for the purpose of trickery, in others they did so to become friends, lovers, or guardians.
  • Magickal mind control via eye contact. The victim will be trapped in the world the kitsune creates inside their own head until the magic is broken.
  • Can create small balls of floating fire when in fox form – to light their way or play with.

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Japanese Kitsune (PART ONE)

Alright crazies – here’s trickster number two. (I just so happen to have a kitsune in one of my two current novels.) *drum roll please*…

The Japanese Kitsune is pretty well known but still not very mainstream. I am told that it’s used in Anime and Manga. However, I’ve also been told that only one facet of the kitsune is shown in these, whereas the Kitsune mythology it is derived from has a certain depth.

The first trickster I talked about was the Celtic Puka (you can read about it here). After joining WANAtribe, I came to find that a few authors are using puka in their current Work In Progress; which is totally neat!

I’ll be interested to see how many of you know about the kitsune and where from.

This turned out to be way too long of a post for me to post all together, so I’m splitting it up into two to spare you. What it all entails:


The bold categories are the ones covered in this first post.

Attribution: Shiretoko-Shari Tourist Association








Kitsune is the Japanese word for “fox”.

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Celtic Puka

Imagine; walking in the dark along a back road. Alone and secluded.
NOT suburbia Hell (thank you Gone in 60 Seconds). Far, far, away from another human being. And out of screaming range…

No matter how I spell it, ‘’Puka’’ just doesn’t sound all that intimidating, does it? Well, too bad. That’s all I’ve got to work with here people. None of the eighty bazillion spellings of this word change the pronunciation. Go out on a limb for me and forget that your toddler would laugh at the sound of the “Dreaded Puka”.


Puka, Puca, Pooka, Phuka, etc. They are a mischievousness specie of shape-shifter.


  • Celtic


  • Fey
  • ½ Fey and ½ Human
  • Spirit
  • Goblin

It depends on the lore. You pick.


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