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#NationalHaikuPoetryDay Also


Truly, I don’t think

We are ever completely

Certainly, ready


By Daphne Shadows



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Occasionally, From Time to Time, Persistently Often

Sometimes unneeded pain is the only way I learn to pay attention to myself.

Sometimes a fictional character is the only one that can convince me I’m worth loving.

Sometimes the stories in my head are the only way I can remember to hear what I’m saying and to watch for what I’m feeling.

Stories are a balm to my soul.

Reading is an escape, a way to breathe, a moment to stare into infinity and the most finite pebble all at once.

Sometimes a little excess is the only way I realize I respect myself too much to keep soaking in the opposite extreme.

It’s okay to enjoy. To spend a little extra on myself, whether that be time, money, patience, love, or whatever I may be denying myself.

Sometimes something new is the only way I can realize how much I love what I already have.

Sometimes success is the only thing that allows me to look at the failures no one else sees of me. The ones that hide inside me, hidden away from all other eyes.

Sometimes telling myself ‘no’ is the only way I find that the truth inside me is actually, ‘yes’.

Sometimes being redundant is the only way I learn.



“Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over.”

-F. Scott Fitzgerald



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Something Invisible

What is invisible?


You can’t touch love or misery.


You can see your lover’s eyes light up when you come home. You can see the suffering in a child’s eyes when they huddle in the shadows in the streets.

So, yes, you can see love and misery.


So again, what’s invisible?


You can see that too.



Can you see truth?

You can see when someone’s lying…

So doesn’t it follow that you can see when someone is telling the truth?

I think so, yes.


What about ghosts?

If we’re going with the ghost theory, then for that theory to exist, that means we believe ghosts are real. Then that means we believe the spirit of a person exists, which, if you were another dead person (spirit) you could see other dead people.

Nope. Not invisible.


What is there that science cannot quantify, cannot see on a screen once it’s MRIed it, CAT scanned it, or otherwise broken down and visible under a microscope?

What is there that we cannot, as people, see?

Yes, you can see emotion.

Yes, you can see ideals.

I mean, technically, at least. At the end of it all, you can see these things.

We can’t see gravity but we can see it work. We know it is gravity. It’s visible.

What is left?

What is invisible?



I thought I had it with this one.

Okay, so actually this one wasn’t my idea. But regardless.

This doesn’t work either.

We can see time passing.

We see the effects of time.


Nothing is invisible.

Not even our secrets.




This is post #4 in Rara’s #Somethingist challenge. For my original post (which explains things), click here. And then join the challenge!

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