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Under Pressure

I think I’ve finally snapped. Hallelujah. It took me long enough.

I feel crazy but it’s a good crazy.

Don’t worry, I haven’t decided to change my name, dye my hair a different color and go around skewering people alive like Vlad Tepes. Although there are a few people to whom I’d love to cause pain like the pain they’ve caused me and the ones I love.

But that wouldn’t be right and I know it. I’ll let karma deal with them.

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the Valley

Living in Shadows


Inbetween I thrive

Among their scrawl of shades                     

I am broken glass

(They’ll not dirty their hands)


Not in your Ivory World of Distortions

Not past the Obsidian Veil


Inbetween Silence and Truth

Hope and the Destruction

The odd swelling of hearts long ago shattered and counted

among the Lost


I’m not breathing


Can you see past the blood?

The lies…


Voices call

Tears fall

Search to be

But cannot see


This valley of Bled Dreams

Tainted through waves of panic

My fragile wings flutter


The Broken understand

Only the strange know

And this pain


Free me

And the wind whispers

But I am alone

Among phantasm

The Black Shade Living in Death’s plane where only a few reside


Sow into My Skin

Learn to breathe again

Welcome to My Shaded World of the Strange

the Valley by Daphne Shadows


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