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I haven’t done much in the way of sharing the music I love, or the messages within certain songs.

I love this song.

It’s beautiful, something we can all connect with.

Let me know what you think. Who has carried you before? Who have you carried?



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Don’t Give Up

If you’re having a hard day…


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is not a

i wish
i knew
how to



By Daphne Shadows


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New Year is Coming


We know this.

But what are we going to do about it?


I hope as this year closes out and the new one begins that you’re in a place where you want to evaluate this past year. That way, you can decide what your next one needs.


You do not find the happy life. You make it.

Camilla Eyring Kimball




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Because You Are Not Alone

I started a Youtube channel quite some time ago last year.

I was jogging home and wanted to know how to help people going through anything resembling what I was. Who were in pain, miserable, or simply didn’t enjoy their life – and didn’t know what to do to make the pain stop and their lives improve.

If new to my channel, this breaks it down for you.


While jogging home, I decided I needed to make changes in my life. I just didn’t know how. And if I didn’t like my life and struggled to figure out how to improve it, I was willing to bet others had that same problem.

From that, I started a 30-day fear challenge. I exposed my fears and did something about them. I ripped the bandage off quick the first day.


But then I stopped. I got a little lost once the challenge was complete.

Progress in my personal life dropped off and I began to have many more issues than I’d been willing to admit to. I stooped into denial about my physical health challenges and tried improving only my mental and emotional health. 

Ha ha. 

Bet you can guess how that went.

*rolls eyes dramatically*


I recently figured out what my issue was and started moving forward again. 

With that, I always come back to one thought.

There is no how-to manual for life.

Not just that, but there’s a lot of bad advice and societal shaming, judging, and finger-pointing. To make it worse, we are inundated with negativity and fake on a daily basis.


I have a few new playlists now. I will continue to grow playlists in the future, I’m sure.

For now, I challenge you to take the 30-day fear challenge. It’s not asking you to jump off buildings or get bit by an alligator. I’m asking you to look at yourself and see what fears are holding you back from living the life you would enjoy, the life you want, the life you need. Then figure out how to gather your courage and face those fears in a healthy manner.

This challenge opened up a lot of life for me.


If you have a problem with mental health, emotional health, physical health, spiritual health… If you are in pain and don’t know what to do with it… Whether you have depression or are an amputee, whether you live alone or with a supportive partner or in an unhealthy dynamic. Whether you feel great and want something new or challenging, something to shake loose new passions, joys, or options. Whether you struggle with anxiety or addiction…

Check out my playlist, “When You Don’t Know What to Do”. There are literally only two videos, the second of which I made today. But stick around. You are not alone. And I am not going to disrespect or belittle your pain or tell you to simply pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get over it. I’m going to share my struggles and what I’m doing about them in the hopes that you know you’re not alone and can find a way to get what you need out of your life. Because that’s the whole point. It’s your life. You have the right to enjoy it. I give a lot of suggestions and options and experiences in the hope that I can help you too.


I’ve just started a new playlist as well, entitled, “Feed Your Soul”. I only have up the introductory video, but don’t worry, more will follow. I promise.

This sums it up for ya.


If you have something to share with others that can improve their lives, there are so many ways to reach out.

But no matter how much you hurt and no matter how bad it is. Regardless of how lost you feel. Please remember, you are never alone.

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Cinnamon Swirl


Sunlight Melts

Like lemon drops

And butterscotch lace





An icy dam



Dripping down the side

Seeping through the cracks

Spilling over


Molten flame

Licking at the

Patchwork parts


The cold fights back


Like a broken flurry of

Plastic wrapped mints



Cutting deep



Heated satin

Cauterizes all breaches

Lapping up tiny

Peppermint tears


This house

Is a walk-in freezer


Burning exposed flesh





By Daphne Shadows


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Deaf Mute

There is more

Something we don’t listen for

It cries

And in our ignorance

It dies



by Daphne Shadows


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