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30 Day Fear Challenge Updates

Ahoy there!


Okay, yeah I just said that and it was a little weird but oh well. I’m a little weird and a little random and a whole lot of I don’t know.


Hope your days have been, are going, and continue to be FABULOUS.


Here are the next 4 days of my 30-day fear challenge. If you want to know what it’s all about, check out the original post here. Because I am SO not in the explanatory mood today. If you want to stay up to date with my videos as I publish them (I believeĀ I’m currently on day 16), then subscribe to my youtube channel.


What fears do you allow to hold you back from the way of life you crave?













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fighting self

i had a dream

the other night

helped me understand

part of who i hide


i ran


now know why


when i woke up

i knew

why i hurt myself

with arrows i sharpen

aim for my heart

pulling my

skin from muscles

veins from about bones

yanking my rib cage free

clawing until i can reach

my soul

casting it aside

like so little trash


lying in a dream state

trying to decide

how to change

the truth

i know



by Daphne Shadows

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