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My Number One Pet Peeve

The word fearless.

I cannot stand this word.

I believe it’s used in all the wrong ways. Thrown up on a pedestal and used to signify strength. A characteristic others want to emulate.

I do not.

I believe fearlessness is how people end up dead, maimed, breaking hearts, and destroying individual worth.


Fearlessness is foolish, self-centered, ignorant, and quite frankly, clueless.

Fearlessness is the small child, who, having been told the oven is on and not to touch the burner, decides to reach out and touch it regardless, getting burned.

It is the young child in all of us who hasn’t learned what pain is, who jumps off the roof and breaks their arm.

Fearlessness is unthinking.

Fearlessness believes it is untouchable, invulnerable to harm.

If you’re fearless, you must also be unfeeling.




Courage is what we need.

Courage knows fear, intimately. Terror, the horror of the unknown or knowing the pain that’s about to descend.

And still, courage steps forward and does it anyway.

Courage faces its fears.

Courage knows the pain of loss but recognizes that beyond the risks lies the desired result, the success, the rewards.

Courage looks with the heart and mind, the intuition and reality. It weighs intellect with the desire of the heart and makes decisions based on truth.

The courageous soul stalks forward through the darkness, the pain, the fear.


Stop requiring fearlessness.

What we need is courage.



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The Fall

Do I make any sense or do I just go on and on? I change my mind a lot. No, I believe I change a lot. It’s not just my mind making the decisions here, not only my eyes see. I’m thinking my heart has much more to do with it as of late than I realized. Maybe not so lately. Perhaps I’ve always been this way. Purview chance and taking into account all the madness shuffling about inside – and I can take all of these interruptions. Breaking into what I think is going well, stranding the sameness in a dropout as the bottom falls out and I realize, slowly, strained, that nothing was what I thought.


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One of Those Moods

Life is a lot more complicated than I thought.

There’s no growing into perfection…

I believed in something that’s not.


Inside your chest and in your head.

This is the challenge of life.

In the boney parts, the veins, the thoughts that want to be fed.


The continuous struggle, ebb, and flow.

These are the parts that teach you.

How you find out, how you learn to know.


I lived by these rules, I’ve waited by these lies.

They’ve grown me no wings.

They’ve bound me down in ties.


Do you ever feel confused inside your own head?

Not “confused” as in, end up in a Criminal Minds episode, but “confused” as in scattered. Lost inside your own dizzying thoughts, impressions, emotions. Swarming until the consistent static of movement but no specific direction, focus, drives you to… I don’t know what.

Maybe it’s not your head that’s confused then. Perhaps it’s your heart.

Funny how I keep typing in “you”, “your”.



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