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I Isolate

I isolate

I crawl back in

And beg for peace


I isolate

It’s how I survive

When I cannot revive


I isolate

And for a split second

For a single moment

I can breathe

I can be

I see


I isolate

Because I don’t know how to feel

When I forget what is real

I don’t know how to exist

For more than moments at a time

Without burning

All the wicked parts

That seduce -no- threaten me

I find it quite concerning


And I isolate

Instead of raking my claws

Into another’s skin

Instead of breaking the surface

And sliding on in


Distract me from the pain

Such a strange way to live

Because disgusted I remain

(and the secrets I never give)

With the boiling of my blood

The coiling beneath my skin

Unspoken on my tongue

This end can never begin


I can breathe here, isolated

The voices can unwind, unimpeded

It is not so depressing

But a fresh breath of madness

It is not so despairing

Only releases the pressure

So hope can be found

And the damned remain bound


I isolate

But I’m never alone

I isolate

So your demons aren’t known

I isolate

Instead of wrecking your throne


by Daphne Shadows



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Maybe it isn’t

Perhaps I will never know

Am I better off?



by Daphne Shadows


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