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How to Love

I think John Lennon had the right idea.

“All you need is love.”


With love, you can do anything. You can trust, breathe easy. You can lower walls, build happiness.

With love you can change your world, your existence, into something beautiful and tangible, into life. Living instead of surviving.

With love you can do anything, be anything.


Or you can do nothing with it. And all you will have is love. It will mean nothing but heartache and misery.

If you do nothing with it, build no loyalty or trust or relationship around that love, it will remain what it could have been.


“We must become the change we want to see.”

-Mahatma Ghandi




What more can I say? If someone is important to you – if you love them – prove it. Every day. Every week. Every month of every year. Prove it with your words, your actions, fight for them tooth and nail every moment. Loving them is not enough. Loving yourself is not enough.

You have to do something about love. If you don’t, it’s a tool for hate, for loathing and self loathing. It’s a tool for time to use to break you and those you love down.

You don’t have to write them a sonnet, make a play in their honor, or paint your emotions on a billboard. All you have to do is show it, show them you love them with the way you interact with them. Tell them you love them. But most of all – act like you love them. That will mean something different to every person and that’s the beauty of it.

Make every day worth the energy it took to drag yourself out of bed.

Don’t waste it.

All you need is love. You can do anything from there. ๐Ÿ˜‰


How do you show those around you that you love them? Is there something you enjoy that someone does to show their love for you?



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