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300 Million Year Old Dragons

Dragonflies, that is.

I love dragonflies. I won’t get into their symbolism today, but I’d love to in a future post.


Dragonflies were here 100 million  years before the dinosaurs. and had up to 2 foot long wingspans. (Their wingspan is now five or six inches.)

THAT would be cool to see. A huge dragonfly flitting by our heads, grabbing a bird out of the air and chomping down on it.

And dragonflies are brutal predators in the insect world.

Check out their jaws…


Now imagine that underwater in your pool if they were two feet large.

That’s a nymph dragonfly. They start their lives out as underwater larvae, terrorizing fish and others of their own kind.

Because, oh yeah – dragonflies (whether they’re a nymph or aviators) – are cannibals.


Their emergence from their nymph bodies into the gorgeous flying dragonfly is amazing.

I also found a video for this…


Creepy and awe inspiring right?

I love it.


Years ago, I found a few dragonflies in my backyard and took a zillion photos. You’ll see I use them for the cover photos on my blog above, my twitter account, and Facebook account.

Wee bit obsessed with dragonflies.

Here are some of my favorites. I suggest you click into each of them so as to see the dragonflies up close.


Daphne Shadows

This one is pretty zoomed out but I love the warring colors of the trees and the vibrancy of the orange/red dragonfly.


Daphne Shadows

I caught the blue one with it’s mouth open.


Daphne Shadows

Looking through all of the photos I took, even though I was on the ground below the dragonflies, zooming in with a camera, the dragonflies eyes’ followed my exact location, regardless. Their eyes are always looking at me.


Daphne Shadows


Daphne Shadows

The multi-colored dragonfly always looks like it was smiling. 🙂


Daphne Shadows


Daphne Shadows


Daphne Shadows

I tend to like the out of focus look, if you couldn’t tell.


Daphne Shadows

I like this one because you can see the dragonfly with its mouth only partially open, giving you a better view of how the little guy is put together.

Also, this dragonfly is probably close to the end of his or her life, as it’s wings are torn up. 😦


Daphne Shadows

Whereas the orange dragonfly is relatively young, most likely, as it’s wings are in perfect condition.


Daphne Shadows


Daphne Shadows


Beautiful creatures, right?

Do you like dragonflies?

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Replace Hate

Hiya crazies!

How goes it?

It goes well here. Well, kinda well.



I teach a Sunday second hour class every other Sunday and thought I’d share something we and the kids did a month ago or so.

If you balk at organized religion, this is more about being human than anything. Or, I should say, humane. Which, if you ask me, is something we seem to lack. But that’s a rant for a different day.

There’s this teacher dude with this awesome “Erase Meanness” thing.

I’m real articulate today.

Dude is here. Check it out. Really. Go.



You back?

Yes, that was Kevin Bacon on his page-thingy.



I went in a half hour early and wrote negative words on the board. In the center of the board, I wrote “Satan is Hate”. You can re-word this as “replace hate…”


I then had the crazies erase a word and replace it with a kind word. In the center, it then read, “Christ is Love”. Again, for a non religious example, you can simply write “with love”.


We can all replace hate with love. We can treat each other with respect and kindness.

Not saying that I wouldn’t protect myself or those I love, I’m simply saying we don’t need to be so needlessly, ridiculously, bloody cruel.

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Napping is a Skill

One which I am well practiced at.



I also like Snoopy, just in case you’re wondering. (Not any of the other Charlie Brown characters, only Snoopy and Woodstock.)

What can I say, Snoopy is a writer and a napper. He also enjoys food and yet never gains any weight.

And you know, he’s a dog.

All around the best qualities.


I wish I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight. Then again, don’t we all. 😉


I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) – CFS (or ME) for short. I sleep a lot.

I love napping.

And its really very healthy. Some places have a rule where you break for lunch and take a nap. Google even has adorable little sleep pods. Though, I’d personally like a wee bit freaking lot more privacy than that, just gotta say.

Napping helps you be more creative, more mentally aware, and capable of performing labors and mental challenges with efficiency and accuracy.

And the writer in me is telling me that ^ sentence could’ve been way more eloquent.


Anywho – do you nap?

Why or why not?

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If You Chase Two Rabbits

“If you chase two rabbits, you won’t catch either one.”

  • old proverb



If you try to be two people at once, you won’t be a person at all.

If you try to do two major things at once, you won’t accomplish either wholeheartedly.

Sort of like trying to serve two masters at once. Not possible.


For example…

I tried to be myself and please the world at the same time.

Didn’t happen.

Either one.

One is completely impossible. The other is completely possible but terribly, insanely, absolutely terrifyingly difficult but simple at the same time.


Another example…

You cannot live in the present and the past at the same time.

You cannot live in the present and the future at the same time.


Find who you want to become, then plan accordingly.

Do you ever ask yourself what your goals are for your life?


Change. Be aware. Be present. Live in the now.

All we have is now.

Tomorrow is not promised.


You CAN chase both chocolate and healthy eating, though. Just saying. ;D


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My Number One Pet Peeve

The word fearless.

I cannot stand this word.

I believe it’s used in all the wrong ways. Thrown up on a pedestal and used to signify strength. A characteristic others want to emulate.

I do not.

I believe fearlessness is how people end up dead, maimed, breaking hearts, and destroying individual worth.


Fearlessness is foolish, self-centered, ignorant, and quite frankly, clueless.

Fearlessness is the small child, who, having been told the oven is on and not to touch the burner, decides to reach out and touch it regardless, getting burned.

It is the young child in all of us who hasn’t learned what pain is, who jumps off the roof and breaks their arm.

Fearlessness is unthinking.

Fearlessness believes it is untouchable, invulnerable to harm.

If you’re fearless, you must also be unfeeling.




Courage is what we need.

Courage knows fear, intimately. Terror, the horror of the unknown or knowing the pain that’s about to descend.

And still, courage steps forward and does it anyway.

Courage faces its fears.

Courage knows the pain of loss but recognizes that beyond the risks lies the desired result, the success, the rewards.

Courage looks with the heart and mind, the intuition and reality. It weighs intellect with the desire of the heart and makes decisions based on truth.

The courageous soul stalks forward through the darkness, the pain, the fear.


Stop requiring fearlessness.

What we need is courage.


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On the Days I Used to Get Lost…


Some random tweets and retweets tweeted by yours truly.

Tweet tweet!

And yes, I know, I forgot the “n” in “unknown”. Shameful. *hangs head*


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Follow up to Pregnancy Pet Peeve

From my previous post, some of you probably assume I have a negative thought process toward pregnancy. I kinda realized that after re-reading it.


Not at all.

I have a negative thought process toward a male taking a sort of credit for carrying a child inside of them for 9 nine months, suffering and sacrificing in order to carry, support, and help grow a human life.

I have the utmost respect for pregnant women. For women who have given birth.

Yeah, there’s definitely terror in there. As pregnancy terrifies the living shenanigans out of me.

But mostly awe.

Women who go through pregnancy, to me, are amazing. Courageous. Unfathomably strong.


she looks beautiful


The issues (and the anger aimed at said issues) have nothing to do with pregnancy or motherhood.

My anger is aimed toward the unhealthy forms of pregnancy and motherhood.

The unhealthy (in my opinion) men that claim that they have suffered through child birth, 9 months of Hell, and the after effects it has on women’s bodies and minds.


I think I already went on enough about how annoyed I am when men try to act like they have to squeeze an elephant out of a straw. So…

Unhealthy Forms of Pregnancy and Motherhood

If you’re pregnant and you smoke, do drugs, or drink… I’m not trying to judge. But I feel this seething indignation in my gut every time I see it, hear about it, just knowing about it.

There is a helpless life inside you. One who will have a bigger chance of a miserable life once born, if you’re doing these things. You know what sucks? Having terrible health.

Another one that really irks me – is how some couples allow the child to dominate their life afterward. I’m not an expert, but I’m pretty certain “family” includes both parents, not just the child. If you’re a family, the best thing you can do for your child is to show him/her that you love your spouse.


Because if you neglect your spouse, act as if they come second, act as if they’re unimportant, act as if you’re a freaking slave to your child while not bothering to keep your marriage strong – you’re giving the example to your child of what “love” is. Of what “parenting” is. Of what “marriage” is.

Guess what that munchkin who you love is going to do?

Grow up to have an unsatisfying love life.


That child never saw you take time out to go on dates.

That child never saw you take time simply for the two of you, acting as if your bond and relationship was important.

That child never saw you act like you were in a loving, strong, equal, relationship. Never saw you fall in love as they weren’t present yet, and never saw you act as if you ever had, once they were.


doesn’t she look free?



I also have a bit more to add to yesterday’s post, thanks to awesome people who commented.


Someone tweeted in to tell me that something else women suffer through during pregnancy is….. they crave dirt.

DIRT! People – pregnant gals want to walk outside, hunker down, and eat dirt!

(she also told me it’s due to a nutrition deficiency)


I also remembered the particularly horrific truth of what a C section is. You know, how they cut a woman open, remove her guts, place them in bowls, take the kid out, put her guts back in…. that sounds soooo lovely.

*face of horror*

No thank you.


A male commenter on yesterday’s post also commented in on his irritation of how people simply go up to pregnant ladies and touch their bellies. Without their permission. I agree with you, dude.

Yes, the miracle of birth is amazing, lovely, something we want to reach out and touch, share joy in.

What people seem to forget, is that there is a human woman standing there, who that baby bump belongs to! As the commenter (I won’t name him as I don’t know who’s comfortable with what) pointed out, “My belief is that if you didn’t have the right to touch her belly before she was pregnant, you don’t have that right after she is.”

Beautifully said.


Just so ya know, I’m not apologizing for yesterday’s post.

I feel I have every right to be peeved when men try to take childbirth as a huge accomplishment away from women and claim it as their own, as well.

Yes, there are lovely men who are there for their women, lovely women who aid, support, and lend a hand. But if you in particular aren’t the one pregnant, don’t say you are.

I simply didn’t want you thinking I hated men or pregnancy. 😉


(Also, I hope all the cussing in the videos I posted yesterday didn’t make anyone uncomfortable. I try not to include a lot of cussing but felt the messages behind the videos were important enough.)


You’ve got to admit. Seeing an excited couple pick out baby items is so absolutely cool.





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