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Kicking the Chair

There’s only so many steps

you can take

before you fall


What we think will help us

typically lurks inside

crippling us all


Can we stop

for just one moment

and be?


How astonishing

our world could be

if we could see


Minus lyric, minus line

take the pride

and the stiff neck


Perhaps we’d learn

to breathe, to love



Tired of following rules

created to



All our hearts

are dying

another day, another pill


Ignoring away the pain

the hurt

we step into our own noose


And look, I didn’t even


the whole time



by Daphne Shadows



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Are You Listening?

There is more

Something we don’t listen for

It cries

And in our ignorance

It dies



by Daphne Shadows


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Double-Edged Flames


Art is,

Less a way for me to express

More of a life support

The only way

My heart keeps beating


But my fingers have stopped moving

The pen has run dry

The paper, mere ashes

Heart beats,




By Daphne Shadows


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People say, change the world with your art.

But what if the art I have inside me is tainted, the same as I am?

What if all I have to offer is twisted and soaked in pain?

What if the lessons I have to learn through my art is laced with bloody barbed wire, twirling through the small glimmers of such agonizing beauty that it drips into porcelain until even the sun cannot bear to gaze upon it?


I don’t have time to sabotage anything else

But that isn’t true, is it?


I don’t have the heart to camouflage anymore pain.

But I’ll do it

Won’t I?


I don’t have any way

To speak



Dark in

Light out


How do I deal truthfully

When all you see is the light?


What happens when you

Find something else?


Still me

Always me


Waiting for someone who sees

Who understands


But I won’t tell you that


Ah, that is the conundrum, is it not? The ache, the need to scream, to let it all out. To be free, fully come alive. To deny parts of me, well.

That’s not going to bring life to anything, now is it?


By Daphne Shadows



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It just is, here, now

No time to sabotage this

Not true, whispers soul


Reflections, they change

The hush of silence tells all

Too little, too late


Sometimes the fall comes

No fist can keep the blood here

No heart beats that fast


Don’t know if you care

I don’t know if this hurts you

But I need to breathe



by Daphne Shadows


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Well this silence is odd

It’s comfort

How foreign is that


There’s this strange

Light dance

Dizzying in my chest


I love it

Can I keep it?

Change smiles softly at me


It will be back

Once it leaves

I Promise


by Daphne Shadows



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I Exist

I don’t need a good excuse

I exist

Therefore I have the right to be



By Daphne Shadows


(Don’t forget, we’re human beings not human “doings”.)


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