Who Am I?

I hate that question.


I hate writing “about” pages.


How on EARTH can I TELL YOU who I am???

Can you accurately tell me who you are?

How can any of us tell another who we 100% honestly, genuinely are?

We can tell people WHAT WE DO.

We can tell people WHAT WE DESIRE.

We can tell people WHAT WE FEEL.


But when it comes to WHO WE ARE, there are too many answers to sum a life up.

We are every single moment of our existence.

And we are different things to different people.


Perhaps to the grocery store clerk you’re the person who smiled at them.

To your child? Evil Lady Who Won’t Let Me Gorge in Chocolate Non-Stop.


How do we define ourselves?

How do others define us?


These questions are ping-ponging around in my head today.

I think we overcomplicate identity.

I think we oversimplify identity.


I think it’s a good thing I’m not allowed to give anyone else their identity and no one is allowed to give me mine.

We can change our minds.

Our identities.

We can change our beliefs, our looks, our desires, our feelings, our needs.

We can change everything. We can change our minds.

But we can never make up someone else’s mind about ANYTHING.


Stop worrying about what others think of you.

Poke at your fears, desires, needs, thoughts, feelings, fantasizes, actions, behaviors, etc.

Decide who you want to be.


Most importantly?



Be okay with NOT having all the answers.

Be okay with not having any of the answers.

No one in the history of life has ever had everything figured out.

Be happy with being alive.

Having the options, opportunities, possibilities, etc.

Be happy with knowing you can change.


I guess the most important thing is to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Do what you want yourself to do.

Be who you want yourself to be.



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