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Fear 30-Day Vlog Challenge Updates – 7 is Emo, 8 Isn’t Missing, and 9 Vomited

Hi, my lovely crazies!
I’m back with three days worth of vlogging on my fears. Part of my 30-day challenge to expose or do my fears (or both).

I challenge you to do the same! Seriously, it’s amazing the effect it’s having on me. That could also be the effect of my grandfather dying. Or perhaps it’s my Papa dying that got me to do this, which then both changed me. Perhaps the vlog challenge manifested from the grieving process, tracing everything back to the impact he had on me in life and death.

Who bloody knows.

Anywho – Check it out.

…..and then take part in the challenge! Tweet, text, write, record anything, anywhere (twitter, blog, youtube, etc.). Just, don’t go stripping in public or anything like that. Okay? Okay.



(I still don’t match)







What do you have to say?

What are you afraid of that you’re also a little excited about possibly doing?

What do you want to try that’s new?

What experiences do you want to gain?

Have you lost a loved one? What did you do? How did you grieve?

What do you wish you would have done different yesterday – that you CAN do different today or tomorrow?


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