Halloween with Black Dogs and Stray Toddlers

Have fun, be nice to teenagers who are out trick or treating and not getting into trouble, and stay safe!


This will be the first year I am not trick or treating. I don’t wanna. For several reasons.


I AM, however, dressing up. Betcha couldn’t have guessed that one.

I’m going to be a kitsune. I’ll post pictures later. If you want to know what on earth that is, I have two posts on the kitsune mythology. Kitsune part 1 and Kitsune part 2.

In short, it’s a fox trickster spirit will all kinds of nifty mystical abilities.



And remember everybody…

Keep your animals safe on Halloween!

Especially if you have a black cat or dog. People get weird about black animals on Halloween. Don’t let them run out the front door when you are handing out candy.  Don’t let people mess with them if they’re out with you. Don’t’ forget to pick up after your animals, either. Some children get easily excited and will run up and open your front door without any warning. Your pets might not be ready for that. 🙂

One year I had a teeny little munchkin bebop right into my house, my lovable 100-pound rottweiler sniffed her, and she ran out screeching. It was hilarious. She got all the way past our front room, dining room, and into the kitchen. She was safe and her parents were apologetic and laughing. But it totally could’ve gone bad, fast. So make certain to watch your fluffy babies. They might be curious, they might be terrified. Make sure they’re safe.


Oh and also, don’t be mean to teenagers or young adults out trick or treating. I’ve had teenagers get told they’re too old. Why are they too old? What do you want them to be doing – being miserable and judgy like you? If anyone needs to grow up, people snarking at teens trick or treating need to grow up and get over themselves. Teens have a lot more options at their disposable, most of them not so great or safe. So knock it off.

Everyone deserves to have fun on Halloween, regardless of their age.


Adults – have some bloody fun!!!



What are your plans for Halloween?

What is your costume for Halloween?


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