Kicking the Chair

There’s only so many steps

you can take

before you fall


What we think will help us

typically lurks inside

crippling us all


Can we stop

for just one moment

and be?


How astonishing

our world could be

if we could see


Minus lyric, minus line

take the pride

and the stiff neck


Perhaps we’d learn

to breathe, to love



Tired of following rules

created to



All our hearts

are dying

another day, another pill


Ignoring away the pain

the hurt

we step into our own noose


And look, I didn’t even


the whole time



by Daphne Shadows




Filed under Not that Kind of Poetry

2 responses to “Kicking the Chair

  1. Good one doodle πŸ˜ŽπŸ’™

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