Some Things I Find Disgusting #1

Hi there!

How are ya?

I don’t mean to rain on your happy parade, but one of the things in life I love, is happiness.

For people. And animals.

If you’ve been patient enough to stick around with me and my random babblings, you’ve probably picked up on how deeply I love animals. And how outraged I am that they are so routinely harmed for fun, out of indifference, to preserve traditions, or peer pressure.

The only way to fix our world is to first become aware of some uncomfortable truths.


Scooby-Doo teaches us this truth every episode: humans can be monsters.

We’re not going to touch on the “why” of this or the “how” or any of these other things.

Sometimes I simply want to foster awareness.

Awareness, a cold hard look at reality, is the only way we can jump to…

Acceptance, when we can still love life and accept at the same time, that there are horrendous things that also exist at the same time – is the only thing which can lead to…

Action. Nothing big. If you’re one of the amazing athletes who have recently spent thousands of dollars on helping animals or a You-tuber who spreads awareness in hopes of donations to help the animals in your area – I commend you. You have my awe and hope restored. But most times, us everyday people can do little things to help. That is what changes the world. The combination of all different kinds of people doing what they can, small or outlandishly huge.

Lift where you stand. That’s all any of us can do.


So here is one thing I’d like you to be aware of. Perhaps you can pass it on and help illuminate others.

Also, I promise there will be adorableness at the very end too!

Because happy animals is the whole point of spreading the awareness. 🙂



This guy breaks down what the Running of the Bulls is. Once they get into the pin at the end of the run, he breaks down what ALL bull fights are.

If you don’t want to watch the video – which is graphic and you see animals bleeding and in pain – I’ll break it down pretty simply. In a bull fight, the bulls are stabbed repeatedly so that it will be hard for them to work the muscles in their back, hence making it hard to raise their heads. They are in shock, in extreme pain, their organs are stabbed and slowly shutting down, they’re losing lots of blood, and basically slowly dying while a man waves a red piece of cloth at them and stabs at them, and the crowd cheers.

This is a horrible piece of culture which is beloved to many people.

I don’t personally care what color you are, what your culture is, what personal choices you make. People are all people. We all matter. But so do animals. And anyone using the excuse of tradition, your behavior is disgusting to me.

These animals die alone and afraid, in intense pain and confused. Cheered at, jeered at.


So knock it off!

Do what you can to end this disgusting end to an animal’s life.


And now, moving on to the cuteness…


Here are two rescued bulls showing that they’re lovely little sweeties. Also, I know the last one isn’t a bull but that cow is just adorable. They really are souls. They feel and they love. They’re not here for us to torture. They’re here to live their lives alongside ours.


Now, I’m certain you’re wondering if I’m a vegetarian. I am not. I do eat meat. But I LOATHE the way our animals are kept, tortured, and finally killed. There is a better way to do this. There is a humane way to gain the food we need from living, breathing animals. They deserve a life, one free of misery and pain, before they feed our way of nutrition. And their deaths should be quick and painless.

I agree with this man:

(email for credit)


What do you think? Are you a vegetarian? Are you disgusted by the routine torture of animals, whether in a factor farm or in the suburbs?



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6 responses to “Some Things I Find Disgusting #1

  1. Great post, Daphne. I like the Indians’ approach, to thank and be respectful of the slaughtered animal that has given its life for human sustenance.

    And yes, I said Indian. My best friend is Cherokee and she laughs at the term “Native American.” It is just another name made up by white people and she prefers Indian.

    • YESSSS! Oh my gosh I wish I could squish you with a hug right now. There are some respectful peoples! ❤

      Yeah I think native american is freaking ridiculous. OBVIOUSLY they're the freaking natives to America! The only reason I broke down and started using "Natives" is because I have had so many middle eastern friends and the confusion wasn't worth it LOL

      I used to be part of a Cherokee group and their respect for everyone in the world, animals included, even insects, is a way of living I wish we'd all adopt.

  2. Nancy Joyner

    Good comments! I agree, bullfighting should be stopped. That is a tradition that should never have happened, and people that go and cheer for the bulls blood & death are not humans. They are robots….people without a heart. We should also stop greyhound racing and dog fights. I can’t understand the bloodthirsty humans – how they can bet and destroy a living being. An old saying of mine is, God don’t like ugly. I only hope they come to their senses quickly. I only eat the smallest amount of beef – I need it for my health issues. I can’t even eat shellfish because of the way they are “killed”. Call me a bleeding heart – I’m ok with that. Thanks for this post ❤️

    • I agree wholeheartedly. It’s as if humans are running around in plastic suits, wearing porcelain masks, pretending to be people.
      I didn’t even know greyhound racing was a thing!
      And yes, dog fighting is on my list. It’s a disgusting truth. I don’t understand how people could cheer for that. It’s comforting to know there are others out there who agree. ❤ They're sweet little souls who just want to please their people. I wish I could adopt all the dogs on planet earth and love them.
      Yeah I recently discovered how a lot of shellfish is "cooked". I've been a huge sushi eater and then last week I found out all the sea food information and I"m not certain I can eat anything like that anymore. I basically only eat chicken, salmon, and turkey burger for my dog. I know chickens are treated horribly! It's a sad statement on the level of peoples' humanity.

  3. I agree bull fighting is in humane And any. Cruelty to any animal is wrong I dispute that factory meat is bad, it’s now done with the least suffering possible. So grow up and stop worrying Pops😎💙

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