I am feeling quiet inside today.

As if a peacefulness has unrolled its yoga mat inside me and got to work.

It’s a calmness.

A beauty.


It allows me to remember all the sweetness, while acknowledging the scars.

Remember, just because there is darkness inside of you, doesn’t mean that darkness is all you have to offer to the world.

Darkness can teach us.

We grow stronger.


Scars are a sign of strength.

Darkness is a way for us to strengthen.

Aren’t scars kind of beautiful?


There’s also a pain inside my chest.

It keeps speaking up.

I’m okay with it.

The pain isn’t all there is, inside me.


By Daphne Shadows



Filed under Not that Kind of Poetry

9 responses to “Hourglass

  1. jimenobaeznarvaez


  2. Gwen Hardage-Vergeer

    What a poet you are, my friend! And this one speaks particularly to me…I’ll tell you more in private if you email me…Keep blogging! Love, Gwen

  3. Daphne: I’m so glad you’re feeling such inner peace. Embrace it. It’s a good day. Also, what a poetic way to phrase it all. :-}

  4. Russ Pedersen


    There has always been love within reach that can give no place for darkness. Find the strength to allow it to grow.

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