Valentine’s Day: History and Different Kinds of Love

We’re going to jump around a lot.

Prepare yourself.




I like Valentine’s Day! It’s a celebration of love. You don’t have to be dating or married to celebrate it. Do you love anyone? Well there you go.

There are many kinds of love. You love your friends, don’t you? I know I do. Do you love your family? Your animals? Yourself?

I never understood why people complained about being single on Valentine’s Day. I never understood complaining about being single in the first place. You don’t always have to be in a relationship. Wait for what’s real, don’t desperately pine for a lover.

We all deserve love in our lives, whether it be friends or lovers, family or pets. During Valentine’s Day, I like to celebrate all the love in my life, regardless of society’s strict focus on romantic relationships.




Some Strange History

Muddled would be more accurate. It’s a murky pool of educated guesses. If I had to give the history an accuracy level, I’d give it “most likely”. Unless someone can pop out a time machine and travel through the times with a notepad and a camera on record, there’s no way to one-hundred percent tell.

(If you do have a time machine, I hope a meteor falls out of the sky destroying you, your time machine, and anyone else that knows of how you made it. Because time travel would be a terrible mistake. Just saying.)

It began as a pagan celebration. Men would sacrifice animals, strip the hide into pieces, dip them in blood, and slap women with them. Women would line up for this, believing it would make them more fertile. Then young woman would put their names in a hat (okay, I doubt it was a hat), the single men would pick a name, and that’s who they’d pair with for the coming year.

Then there’s a confusion of three different Valentine saints according to the Catholic church. I think they all died. I’m not too sure about that. I know one of them did. But no one knows why for certain.

…Somehow this turned into Valentine’s Day. If you want a more in depth detail, check out the link at the bottom.




Something else that irks me during this holiday, is how everyone just files off, buys a card, and that’s that.


Do something personalized.

You don’t have to break the bank. The point is to know the person you love and get them or make them something small that you know will show them you really see them and find them important in your life.

This Valentine’s Day, I got an adorable little stuffed animal – an animal I like. I made little clay figurines for the people I love.



I’m relatively new to making clay anything, so no judging.

I’m not saying I don’t want to see any elaborate romantic gestures, I’m saying don’t let it be about buying a card and that’s it. It’s become way too commercialized for my taste.

So by all means, buy flowers and throw all the chocolate at me! But find a way to make it meaningful. It’s about love. Not money.

And if you’re all alone – buy something nice for yourself and enjoy it. No shame. New rule: love thyself. Life is always changing. Love what you have now.




What’s your favorite flower?

Flowers are a huge thing during Valentine’s Day. I always wonder at the flowers in the store. Who’s going to get what? Why? Does anyone know what kind of flowers the people they’re buying them for actually prefer? Or are the people who don’t care, just love flowers or appreciate the gesture regardless?

My favorite flowers are black roses, white roses, orange roses, and dark colored carnations.

And another thing, do men get upset when their significant other brings them flowers? I so want to be able to do that in the future. But I hear some men don’t like it.

Illuminate me, would ya?


I hope you guys and gals all had a lovely Valentine’s Day!




More Valentine’s Day info:




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7 responses to “Valentine’s Day: History and Different Kinds of Love

  1. Anonymous

    Daphne, did you know you have a secret admirer? Probably countless! The fact is I love your wit, and your style. My heart gives an extra little excited beat every time a new Daphne Shadows post lands in my in box. I have been reading your posts for many months; I’m sorry for not confessing my fondness before now. Thank you for always finding the right words to express views and emotions that always ring true. You are an awesome writer and artist; and human. Keep going!

  2. My husband actually dislikes the expectation aspect of Valentine’s Day (and I have a blog post on the topic in the works). However, yesterday one of my coworkers was serenaded at work by a quartet from the local men’s chorus, thanks to her lovely hubby, and I thought it was the bee’s knees. 🙂

    • WHAT?! He better show you some lovin!
      Although, I guess the pressure is ridiculous. I’d prefer it be more genuine, heartfelt, and fun.
      That sounds SO COOL. Although, I think I’d be embarrassed if that happened to me. It’s cool that he wanted to shower her with affection though. 🙂

      • I think she was pretty embarrassed, and I probably would have been as red as my hair, but I still think it’s awesome. Evidently this group does singing Valentines every year, which is really pretty cool.

        And my hubby shows me plenty of lovin’. He bought me a whole bag of black jelly beans the other day because he knows I love them and they’re so hard to find unless it’s Easter. Also, he HATES them, so it was pretty sweet that he bought them for me. 🙂

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