How My Brain Works

…when I’m on twitter.

One thing leads to another. And typically it makes no sense how I ended up there. *shrug*

Actually, I think that’s how my brain just works in general.

This is what happened when I tried promoting a blog post of mine on twitter… I kinda got lost. Mentally.





I say “then” A LOT when I’m on Twitter. Blech! So terrible!

Also, don’t judge me on my lack of grammar on twitter. EVERYONE DOES IT! (did I just say that?) It’s so hard to squeeze it all into 140 characters.

…well that sounded potentially wrong. Ignoring that.

Does anyone else freak out when they misspell something in a tweet, delete it, and re type it? Yeah I do that sometimes.


…Now there’s probably a bunch of people on twitter who think I got published. Oops.


Oh and this happened.

Because that couldn’t mean a zillion things. =D

*you’ll never know*

*waves hands mystically in front of the screen*



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2 responses to “How My Brain Works

  1. You’re not a lunatic. You’re a writer. Wait, maybe that’s the same thing… 🙂

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