5 Things Blogging Has Taught Me

  1. Kitsune is pronounced in a Japanese like way that I totally love and don’t know how to type up phonetically. Because that’s the kind of goofy writer I am. *head desk*

If you’d like to hear it, you can check it out here.

I blogged on the kitsune originally, by the way, because there’s a kitsune in one of my current novels.

If I hadn’t blogged on it, I never would have recognized it in a tv show my sister fell in love with, realized I’d been pronouncing it incorrectly this entire time, and found out how to properly pronounce it.

I now realize I want to google every single creature’s title that comes from a different country and see if there’s a cooler way to pronounce it (you know, the actual way).

But doesn’t that just sound so cool?


  1. I love lotus flowers!

Love, love, love them. They look so peaceful and calm. Beautiful and serene. They look like they capture every harmonious vibe there is and hold it, suspending reality into nothing but possibilities of joy and comfort.

I originally found a photo of a lotus flower when searching for a photo for a post and fell in love. It’s now on the sidebar of my blog.

From what I understand, the Egyptians associated the lotus flower with life and rebirth.

In Buddhism, each different color of lotus has a different meaning. Overall though, it represents purity and spiritual enlightenment.




a kitsune is a fox by the way



  1. The internet is a dangerous place.

I’m constantly afraid that I’m going to put a photo in a post that required attribution, forget, and get sued for the zillions of dollars I don’t have. So I stick to sites that feature photos that don’t require attribution.

I don’t even make any Pinterest boards public because blogging scared the living fuzz out of me.

I remember when I had a Myspace page – ha, do you guys remember that? – and I had a picture of Garfield on there. The actual Garfield creators contacted me and told me to take it down or I’d have to pay a fine.

I put that out of my mind until a blogger I followed talked about how she actually got sued and has to pay thousands of dollars for photos she put on her blog.


  1. I am not alone.

If there is something blogging (and twitter) has taught me, its that there are others out there who understand me. Who struggle like me, love like me, hurt like me, smile like me, are passionate like me.

There are people out there who think like me.

There are people out there who feel like me.

I don’t need to explain myself.

I can simply work on being myself.

So can you.


  1. People really like arguing over Celtic symbolism.

I’m not kidding.

Check out the comments section of these two posts.

triquetra. moon.

I still get comments on them – which is totally freaking awesome! But sometimes people are just downright snooty.

The definition of Celtic seems to change from time to time, from archaeologist to archaeologist, historian to historian, etc., etc., etc. No one seems to be able to agree on who exactly is Celtic.

And then there’s me yelling like a psycho, “oh my gosh this thing can shoot lightning out of its toes!”, all excited like.

Yeah, I’m not much on the arguing bit, but I love all the interest.

But it simply mystifies me. So many minds in this world, all thinking in difference directions.

Well, not always. We often bump into each other, collide, imbue one another.

It’s a crazy world.

But that’s a good thing. 😉


What has blogging taught you?

What has reading others’ blogs taught you?




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