Something Damaged and Something Possible

I am damaged because I damage myself.

I adopted misery born in my infancy, grabbed it from around me, and imbued it.

I am damaged because I damage myself.

Passive aggressive or active, it makes no difference. End result is the same.

Damage done.


Who isn’t damaged?

What don’t we damage?


But this is boring.

If everything and everyone is damaged why go on about it?

I have a fake skull with a hole blasted in the back of it on a pile of books sitting on my desk – bought it that way. Bought it damaged. We don’t mind damaged because we all are. We all want acceptance and knowing, love and meaning, yet we shun the damage we don’t personally understand.

I’m talking in circles but it makes sense to me.


Butterflies – the symbol of change, success over pain and struggle, of breaking free from bonds and flying into potential.

They sometimes eat blood.

They sometimes eat tears.


What about the possible?

What is possible?



Isn’t that exhilarating?

Isn’t that terrifying?



This is post #5 and #6 in Rara’s #Somethingist challenge. For my original post (which explains things), click here. And then join the challenge!





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2 responses to “Something Damaged and Something Possible

  1. We wear our damage like a crown, like a trophy taken from the battles we’ve fought, a testament to what we’ve survived. I wrote some about it here, if you’re interested:

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