The First Thing You Need to Know Before Running

I ran every weekday for a month, months ago.

It felt great!

Then I decided I liked sleep more than running and somehow I haven’t run a day since then.

I learned how to ride a bike.

Rode my bike to work until I got a different job too far to ride a bike, got sicker, got sickerer, and laid on my couch for a week like a dying sloth.

It’s safe to say, I haven’t exercised much *ahem* at all in the past month.




I got back to it today.

Feels great!

*falls over dead*

But seriously, I love running. And I’ve gotta say, working construction really bolstered my stamina and confidence in myself. Too bad my health sabotaged that job. *all the grumbling*

One of the main reasons, in reality, that I stopped running was because my knee, ankle, and foot would ache so crazily bad while I ran that I wanted to die in a hole.

So yesterday I was looking up some stuff on running and ran into some great advice. I’ll totally share, because sharing is caring and I love you crazy people… but first… I have to share the most ludicrous advice I found.


Don’t look at your feet while running.

No, really? Who is doing this, where, and how are they still alive? I’d be dead somewhere in a ditch with tire marks from a big rig on my back. I can barely walk without falling on a daily basis. Without heels. On a flat surface.

I mean, I just imagine someone running and looking down, like caving in their freaking body, and falling face first and rolling.

You’re not supposed to look at your feet because it strains your neck and your posture gets messed up. Not because you’ll trip, fly into a tree, get eaten by your creepy neighbor’s violent thirty-pound cat, and die. Huh.

Let me just say, I knew this one already.

Yay me!


This would be me if I tried looking at my feet while running.

This would be me if I tried looking at my feet while running.


However, I do suggest you look at the ground ahead of you so you don’t trip and die or break your ankle. That doesn’t sound fun. Plus I’m sure you’re running to feel more fit. Sitting in a hospital bed with your leg wrapped… not so good for your physical health. Or mental health. They check your blood pressure every freaking 15 minutes – no wonder people go crazy in hospitals. You never sleep!

Anywho, that was off track.


I feel great!

Do you run? Bike?

Are you one of these people who can run and stare at their feet and still survive?



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2 responses to “The First Thing You Need to Know Before Running

  1. I don’t run 🏃🏿 I don’t bike 🚲 I love Hospitals I sleep 😴 eat🍔 so there. Don’t look at your feet look about 30 feet ahead, try to find a soft surface to run on. Glad you are enjoying running again. Love you 😘 El Papa 💙🌹🌹🌹🌹

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