Mabon is the Celtic Festival on the Fall (Autumn) Equinox.

As you know, I like Celtic festivals. They’re good reminders to stop, take a look at my life, respect my life and the world around me, and breathe. They’re rich in symbolism. Apples, leaves, gourds, and vines are large in the way of physical symbols.

As with everything else, I take what I like and leave the rest. I’m a writer, it goes with the territory.

This isn’t a post on what Mabon and all its intricacies are, exactly. Besides, there are too many arguments over Celtic anything, as we aren’t mind readers who can also time travel. Really, we don’t know for a 100% certainty what they did or why. Mabon is what is modernly celebrated and it is celebrated in many different ways throughout the world. But anywho. This post is on the pieces of Mabon I enjoy and use.




Day and night stand equal.

A time of giving thanks and self-examination.


“Mabon is a harvest festival, the second of three, that encourages pagans to “reap what they sow,” both literally and figuratively.”


“Although the traditional American holiday of Thanksgiving falls in November, many cultures see the second harvest time of the fall equinox as a time of giving thanks. After all, it’s when you figure out how well your crops did, how fat your animals have gotten, and whether or not your family will be able to eat during the coming winter. However, by the end of November, there’s not a whole lot left to harvest. Originally, the American Thanksgiving holiday was celebrated on October 3, which makes a lot more sense agriculturally.”




One of the popular myths of Mabon is that of Persephone and her mother, Demeter.

Hades stole Persephone away to the Underworld with him. Her mother, Demeter, was the goddess of the harvest. In some versions, Demeter cursed the earth to never yield any crops out of her misery at losing her daughter. In others, her grief caused the earth to go dormant. By the time Demeter found Persephone in the Underworld, Persephone had eaten six pomegranate seeds, which made her incapable of leaving the Underworld for six months each year. These six months are the months when the earth dies, beginning at the Fall Equinox (Mabon). In other versions of the story, Demeter didn’t allow the crops to grow again until Zeus gave Persephone six months with her mother each year, outside of the Underworld.



  • What are you grateful for?
  • Honor, think on, and respect the balance in your life. Brainstorm ways you could gather more balance to your life, internally and externally.
  • Reflect on your year so far and your life overall.
  • Plan for your future to a healthy measure.
  • Celebrate successes. No success is too little.
  • Assess which dreams and projects didn’t work out. Don’t beat yourself up, simply take stock of this year. Why didn’t these things work out (take a look at only the part you played, the things which you had control over)?
  • Meditate. Nothing says balance like inner harmony. I guess yoga is a good idea too then, as… well, you need balance for yoga. Tree pose, anyone? Just saying.
  • How do you handle stress, pressure, anxiety, and worry? Plan how to decrease stress, anxiety, and worry from your life. Examine how you react to or respond to it currently and brainstorm ways which would be healthier.


I think this is a perfect time to meditate and work on mindfulness. Are you present?

A consistently wandering mind is an unhappy mind. Are you stuck in negative thought loops most of the time? Fill your time thinking of things from the past which upset you or the twenty-thousand things which could happen and would probably be horrible? Are you worrying, anxiety ridden over something, chewing it over and over again in your mind?

Not healthy.

There’s a Buddhist saying, “When I walk, I walk. When I eat, I eat. When I sleep, I sleep.” Its amazing how much life changes for the better when you can enjoy what you’re actually doing. Or at least choose to think positive thoughts.

When was the last time you sat down, ate, and JUST ATE? Sat there and focused on enjoying your food?

Good time to practice this. And then make a decision to continue working on it. It doesn’t take anything special. Ten minutes a day. It’s hard to learn but simple to do.





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2 responses to “Mabon

  1. Really great post! Autumn is my favorite season, for me it’s the beginning of slowing down, introspection, daydreams and ponderous walks. There’s a good mood song by U2 called October, sets the perfect stage for fall. 🙂

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