What Do You Feed Your Dog?

My dog is itchy. Poor little guy. I’ve tried everything.


I came along a website which claimed dog food could be making your dog have allergic reactions. Then I found another which said the same thing. I started talking to dog owners I know and came up with the same answer, over and over again.

I looked up my dog’s dog food.

I did not like what I found.

In particular, there’s one website which breaks down what is in your dog’s food, what it means, and if it’s good or bad, in their opinion.

You can find it here: DogFoodAdvisor

(I do suggest researching the dog food brand beyond this website; on other sites, your preferred vet, and with people you know, because no one source is ever 100% accurate in my experience. And what may be right for one dog breed may not be right for another.)





*shakes head vehemently back and forth*

I am not going to be feeding him the same dog food anymore.

I’m on the hunt for healthy dog food brands.

My vet suggested I look for one which is AAFCO approved. (Click on the name for the website.) Their site also has a page dedicated to helping you understand What is in Pet Food.

My vet also told me that the whole, “grains are bad for dogs” thing isn’t true.

I haven’t made an appointment with my vet yet to run certain brands by her, but I’ll get there. She gave me the AAFCO advice while I was scooting my dog on in to get his shots. I like to have all my ducks in a row before going to the experts.


Meanwhile, I’ve been changing things up with Lucky.

I’m not certain how much I should be feeding him (something else I’ll ask my vet when I make an appointment. It depends on weight, the dog in question, and their breed, as far as I know.) so I’ve been feeding him two to three times a day, depending on what I feed him, how much, and how he’ acts.

I’m only feeding him his dog food once a day now, and it’s the smallest meal.

For breakfast and lunch, I feed him human food I’ve cooked for him.

FYI: If you’re going to change your dog’s diet, you need to do it slowly. Their little systems are sensitive and it can hurt them to switch from one type of food to another instantaneously – especially if you’re introducing human food into their diet. I started out feeding him much smaller amounts and only once every other day.




Okay, now stop freaking out! I can hear all you dog owners shouting warnings. I know, I know.

I don’t feed Lucky anything that can hurt him. I’ll get more into that in future posts. I love my baby, I’m not going to do anything that can hurt him.

And anyone reading this, please know that dogs can be hurt or even killed by a lot of human food. So don’t attempt feeding them anything until you’ve talked to your vet or someone else who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to dogs and food. Oh, and keep in mind that certain breeds can or cannot have certain foods.


I plan on really digging into my dog’s choices and health from now on. I’d like to delve into what he can eat, what he can’t eat, why, dog food brands that are healthy, how food needs to be cooked for him, and anything else dog related I find important along the way (food related or not), etc.

And of course I plan on sharing with you guys what I find . 😉

(Just keep in mind I’m in no way a professional.)


What do you feed your dog(s)?

Has your dog’s food ever caused health problems?


(Wow, there were a lot of parenthesis in that post.)



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6 responses to “What Do You Feed Your Dog?

  1. Ours have had allergies, too. Vet recommended grain-free and changing the proteins. Ended up with the salmon and sweet potato food from Costco. No more allergies, our dogs love it. Only problem is feeding them fish-based food all the time can actually make some dogs smell fishy.

    • It amazes me that dog’s systems can be just as varied as ours. If that makes any sense. I changed my dog’s food and he’s actually enjoying eating now, but the itchiness is still there. Guess its time for a vet allergy test.
      I’m glad you found a food that your dogs like and is healthier! I don’t like it when dogs are uncomfortable. :/

  2. If i was a dog i wouldnt eat that shit. Get some gravy train an mix it up with lukwarm water and put table scaps in it like mac an cheese. Some chicken meat or spegetti with meat sauce. Dont listen to no vet that says table food is bad for pets THATS A LIE. i had a momma dog had the biggest most healthy pups. I gave her ice cream hot dogs pot roast cheetos baked ham tacos sardines ect ect ect. sure it spoils them but you love your dog right? That plain dry food is garbage junk. All my puppys were 2 pounds overweight hee hee. But the vet said the most healthy she ever seen

    • Wow. Your dogs must’ve had stomachs made of steel! Most of the dogs I’ve had and my friends have had can’t stand eating that way. They get sick. That’s amazing.
      But yes, there NEEDS to be spoiling of the dogs!!! Besides, who on earth wants to eat healthy all the time?

  3. Buck eats Nutro Ultra for lagre breeds. The Dog Food Advisor website gives it four stars. I tried switching him to Blue Buffalo once but he refused to eat it. I guess he’s just a Nutro dog. I hope Lucky’s allergies get sorted out. Poor fella. 😦

    • I switched Lucky to Nutro Ultra dry dog food (it was on my list of top three choices). And I mix in some of the wet food by Blue Buffalo. So far, he loves all of it! I also mix in some chicken, honey, peanut butter, rice, and/or vegetables sometimes.
      Unfortunately, he’s still itchy.
      *falls over*
      But he’s actually excited to eat now! 😀
      Thank you for the recommendation, it definitely swayed my decision of what to try first. 😉

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