The Abyss. The Masquerade.

Do you ever get stuck?

Come up against wall after wall, again and again and again. Until you finally just say screw it?
Do you ever wonder why you’re holding so tightly? Then wonder what it is exactly that you’re holding to?
Do you ever just get tired?
Tired of all the petty, childish, selfish drama of others.
Tired of the same no good, same.
Tired of the pain.
Of the knowing and the incapability to do anything about it.
The correspondence between misery and choice is breath to my lungs.
But I’m still not breathing.
Sometimes the silence is the only thing that keeps me alive.
What do I have but this noise masquerading as life?
What do I have more than a truth I can do nothing about?
What is there but this sadness?
What is there but this madness?
How do I crawl out of the abyss when all I’ve ever known is to suffer? To flounder in the denial.





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6 responses to “The Abyss. The Masquerade.

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  2. Wow,such a relateable pos.

  3. Are you alright sweet one?

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  4. Here is a song I created called The Abyss using Garage Bands own instruments…added my own lyrics in to make the song (semi) complete…if you have a few spare minutes I’d love it if you could check it out šŸ™‚

  5. Daphne,

    So much of what you write resonates powerfully with me. I look forward to your posts, no matter what you are writing about. But there is beauty out there…and you are part of that



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