Litha Shadows

I was originally going to focus completely on Litha, the Celtic Summer Solstice, but the shadows muddied my mind and my original intent deviated.

They’re related, and so I’ll settle for talking about both.




Litha, to me, is a time to celebrate opposites and there within, balance. Water and fire, sun and the moon, nature at its most core value; life and death.

Litha celebrates the sun – it is the longest day of the year. It celebrates the light’s triumph over darkness. But after today, the darkness will begin to take over, until Yule. I think it’s fitting then, that Litha is used as a time to acknowledge and understand our deepest of passions, wills, and strengths. A time to reflect on our accomplishments and growth, our leaps of faith.

Litha is a time to recognize the wild things we can harness but can’t tame.


I do not see shadows the way most do. I’m sure that’s obvious. I chose Shadows as my pen name. I did this years ago, a decision I made so certainly, and yet, at the time, didn’t understand how deeply rooted the meaning was.

Amazing how deep down we know something, even as we remain ignorant of it.


I cannot harness the darkness. Just as I cannot hold light in the palm of my hands.

A shadow is wild and untamable. Unknowable yet so base in its honesty.

The shadows are the balance. A shadow cannot exist without both light and darkness.




Litha asks how I’ve grown.

I’ve grown in the understanding that I cannot deny the darker parts of myself and expect to enjoy the fruits of the light I harbor. Nothing is black and white when it comes to shadows. Darkness and light are not the same things as good and evil, not when you get into symbolism and deeper meanings. I cannot learn from “evil”. I can learn from the darkness that exists inside me because there is also light to balance it, to tame it.

I am Shadows, and that’s okay with me. It suits me.


How have you grown in the past year? What have you accomplished? What have you learned about your passions and strengths? What shadows of your own are you ignoring?

(this post was written yesterday and posted a day late)



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4 responses to “Litha Shadows

  1. Tannis Boyd

    I love the entire feel of this post!! This one is really well done!! 🙂

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