The Dangers of Book Glow

Do any of you guys ever read a book and LOVE IT to death… I mean – it blows you out of the water, love the emotions, the characters, the plot, everything?

Then you put in your bookshelf, mark it on Goodreads (or whatever it is you do), tell someone about it, still love it.



Then you start to think about it.


Sometimes at this point, I start to slowly realize that this book isn’t as good as I thought. In fact, there are some things that actually piss me off about it. Or it seems ordinary. Bland. Nothing spark worthy.

And I start to wonder why on earth I liked it so much. What about it caught my interest, sucked me in, and had me so ecstatic about it?


It’s like there’s a book glow that numbs my mind to anything not awesome and makes the mundane seem amazing.




I mean, it’s got to be one of two things.

ONE, either I get caught up in the glow and don’t really see what I see until it’s passed.

Or, TWO, I should really stop thinking.


I was clearing out my bookshelf (as I only keep books I like), and started to wonder how I had loved a few of the books I was putting in the “going far, far away” pile.


Am I sabotaging it? Am I thinking too much? Or is it too blurry while I’m in it for me to really see it?


Either way, half the time I have no freaking clue how my brain is still up and operational.


Does this ever happen to you?

Oh – and does anyone else clear out their bookshelf from time to time?


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