To My Readers

Okay, so, this isn’t really a blog post.

This is me kind of mad.

When I go to write up a post, if I’m having a bad day, I’ll open a New Post thingy, type in everything on my mind, practically venting, and then save it to draft.

The next day – I’ll click in and edit out the vent and keep the actual post that’s inside there.


This morning I click in and find out that the venting I’d done yesterday was published. Because somehow the fairy of screw-everything-up put me down for the stupid thingy where you can set a date for it to be published.

I’ve never even used that!

What the hell?


The problem is when I vent I say things I half the time don’t even mean or blow out of proportion or – being a writer – in the middle of venting an idea will occur to me and I will type that in too.

So, dear readers – ignore the first post you received from me.

The actual post I posted this morning is here:


The original “post” that wasn’t actually a post was personal and no offense, none of your business.

So yeah.

Won’t be saving drafts anymore.

I hate it when technology malfunctions.

Not feeling the happy right now.


Anything like this happened to any of you guys before?



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3 responses to “To My Readers

  1. Last week I had scheduled a post for one day and it posted the next. I was a bit annoyed by that, but I chalked it up to an app malfunction, since I’d been posting from my phone. I generally habe less trouble posting from my computer.


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