How Do You Read Books?

People do practically everything differently. Except things like eating on a daily basis and sleeping… yeah, that’s kind of needed/required regardless of personal opinion.

But for things like taste in food, how hard your mattress is or how you read a book – there are variables. Sooooo, I bring to your attention the question of the day. Here, on this blog anyway.

How do you read a book?


Do you bend/crease the binding of your book?

When I read a book, it ends up looking like an accordion. I’ve found that this annoys some people. But honestly I don’t know how they read the freaking book without creasing it open. That drives me insane. And we all know I’m already insane enough.

A few weeks ago, I returned some books to a used bookstore, yet she wouldn’t take them because the binding looked like I’d creased it. Because I had. Because I’d read the book. And yet, at our old used bookstore, almost all the books on the shelves looked like mine when I’m done reading them.

So I have no clue if it’s a 50/50 split thing, but apparently its considered “trashing” a book to some people.

Do you do this? Do you think its trashing the book?

See? Accordions.

See? Accordions.


The all-popular book smell.

Apparently this is a thing. I had no idea. I don’t go around sniffing books or really thinking about it at all. But I do love the new book smell. Kind of like cut grass or new paint or McDonalds.

Wait…off subject.

I can just imagine myself walking through Barnes and Noble, picking books off the shelves, opening them and sniffing them for fun. Like tasting wine or something. Moving on.

The used books? I don’t sniff those. It gives me bad mental images.

Do you sniff books?

Wow, it felt weird typing that.


Do you dog ear pages?

I don’t dog ear pages to mark where I’m at in a book. I use a bookmarker. Always.

I never bend the corner of the pages unless I want to mark some specific philosophical or disgusting things that I want to remember. NOT to mark my page. Ever. Its like a sin to me. Painful.

Poor little page, all stiff and neat and doing its job and WHAM!

I use a bookmarker.

Do you dog ear pages? Why?


Marking of the pages.

I have specific bookmarkers that I like. I think there are five that I use at once. In the novel I’m reading, books for research, books for studying the craft. A few of them are really old but I don’t abuse them, so they’ve survived. A few are new. I think I only chose one of them myself, but yeah. Love ‘em.

I would not use a random scrap of paper. I didn’t even think this was possible. Or conceivable. But what did my eyes pick up on when I looked at, um, other people – even the ones in my house? Receipts, sticky notes, scraps of paper.

The horror!

What respecting book reading individual sticks a scrap of grimy paper in there? Poor book. It’s going to need counseling.

Just kidding, it doesn’t bother me. But I do find it a little odd.

Do you use bookmarkers or paper coffee holders to mark your place while reading?

Bookmarker required.

Bookmarker required for the Daphne.


Audio, E or Touchable?

I never listen to books. I always read them. In print. On physical paper from inside the physical book which I can hold in my hands and turn actual pages.

I have nothing against e books or audio books. I just don’t prefer them. At all.

As far as audio books go – what if the reader’s voice annoyed me? And it’s easier for me to comprehend what’s going on if I can see the words as I’m reading. I’ve always been that way. So, not my cup of tea.

E books kind of annoy me. Not the fact that they exist, not the fact that they save trees (which, don’t even get me started on that because if people PLANTED a tree every time they CUT one down, we wouldn’t have this issue, now would we – oh lazy individuals who would rather complain instead of actually DOING something), and certainly not the fact that they’re cheaper.

What annoys me is that people are now threatening to get rid of physical books because THEY prefer eBooks.


Yeah. So if you like eBooks or audio books for physical books – awesome! Just keeping reading. I don’t actually mind what you do. But me? I like me my paperback books. 😉

Which do you prefer?


Book cleanliness vs. book trashiness.

I do not get them dirty. I do not rip pages, bend the cover or in any other way harm my book. Nope. Not happening.

Some people honestly don’t care. Like, it doesn’t matter to them. They don’t think of it as battering their book into oblivion. It’s just a coffee stain. The words are the same. The meaning still intact. The story didn’t go anywhere.



I’m not ridiculous about it but I’m not careless about it either.

And another thing – peoples’ opinions of what a trashed book is differ as well. One person considers ripped covers okay, the next flips like you just yanked their newborn’s hands off.

Which side are you on – clean or trashy?

(I’m talking about books here people. *glare*)


They may be accordions...

They may be accordions…

but they are otherwise unharmed.

but books I read are otherwise unharmed.


Quick, slow or in between?

It depends on the book, how much I’m liking it and my current mood/frame of mind when it comes to how fast I read it. It also depends on where I am and who is around me.

Remember when you were young and you thought reading a book in a day was the biggest achievement ever, made you like SOOO cool? Yeah, that’s so weird. Children are psychopaths. Anyway.

It also depends on what’s going on in my life. If I have a commitment, sorry but that book is not getting in the way of an appointment. Or cake. Especially if it’s chocolate.

Some people read slowly on purpose, to absorb or savor or remember the book well. Other speed through it because they must know what happens next, right now or die. I know I’ve done both.

What do you do or does it matter (do you even think about it)?




So tell me – how do you read books?  Anything you find funny, odd, weird or just plain unacceptable?



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6 responses to “How Do You Read Books?

  1. Jae

    I don’t dog ear. I typically don’t accordion either, but sometimes if the book is big enough, one can’t help it. I mean I do actually want to read this thing. But yeah, I like to keep my physical books pristine.

    I do e-read though. A lot. I didn’t like it in the beginning. I think The Hunger Games was my first e-book. I hated that Kindle a lot the first two chapters or so, but it was all I had access to. Then it grew on me. Now the convenience is too alluring. I read a lot more than I did without it. So for me the question is do I prefer the experience or getting the reading done? At this point, it’s getting books read as they won’t get read otherwise. But I do understand and like the feel of real books. 🙂

    • Yeah, when I was younger I would go out of my way not to crease the binding and it would make it so much harder to read. Then about three years later, I remember holding an old and new book side by side – one not accordion but kind of scuffed up and a newer one with creased binding and pristine otherwise – and laughing my butt off. So weird that I tried so hard not to crease it that holding it became awkward.

      You know, that’s what most people say about e books. I just don’t have issue with carrying around a book in my purse – especially since normally I read paperbacks. But it does make sense to me. I just love physical books. 😉

  2. I ‘ruin’ some books, and others I treat very carefully. But some of that I think has translated over from how I was raised, because I always remember my Grandma saying that you could tell a lot about someone by how pristine their Bible looked. Did it get tucked away on a shelf and dusted occasionally, or was it falling apart from repeated readings?

    And, well, in my mind, the Bible is a book too. And I only want books on my shelves that I love. Ones I’ll return to again and again and again. While I don’t dog-ear pages (except in research books), I often do crack spines (except on hardbacks), and I’ll make the occasional note if it’s a quote or a paragraph that actually MEANS something to me.

    But I treat my books with respect. And I have a few spares of some… I think between me and hubby, we have at least three copies of Lord of the Rings. 😀

    • I actually love that way of thinking. If you’ve read your bible, you can tell. I have tabs and underlinings all over it. It is pretty clean and unbent though. I’m a really organized and “keep things unmessed up” about most things though, so I think my own personality factors into it.
      And yeah – books for research – WAY different rules. 😉 Can you say highlighters?

  3. I’m definitely a book batterer, Daphne! I dog ear corners to save my place and I crease the binding and…sin of all sins…I scribble on pages and underline parts that I like. I’m a book’s worst nightmare! 😉

    • I crease the binding and dog ear pages sometimes but I think the only time I underlined sentences was in the middle grade when I did a book report on a Dean Koontz novel. I felt so bad after I did that, lol!
      I don’t think you’re a book batterer – what makes me draw a huge question mark on my forehead is when people spill stuff on them and get them all bent and stuff. It makes me wish I could’ve saved the poor book. 😉

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