Connect the Crazy

I decided to do another “Connect the Crazy” post because an awesomely amazing blogging queen commented on the first one, saying that she really liked it. So I figured I’d give it another go. After all, I’ve got to get you my May #writemotivation goals somehow, right?

And I figure, why not add some crazy while I’m at it.

This is my thought process, jumping from thought to thought, randomly. I advise you take a rope, getting lost in my brain is NOT recommended.


Apparently, Grimm and Anderson aren’t the only two fairy tale peoples. There’s also some dude named Perrault. Awesome, right? I love dark fairy tales, they inspire creepy story ideas. Which, you know, is …well, awesome.


I think I say the word “awesome” way too often. Along with the word the “like” and the phrase, “I know, right?” I need to beef up my vocabulary.


053 003


I cannot stand the words: toodle, piddle, tinkle, natch, totes, or cray-cray. When people say any of those, I cringe. But I am nice so I don’t say anything. Or hit them over the head with a brick. See how composed I am?


I wouldn’t want to be a superhero. That would suck. I mean seriously, I have enough trouble figuring out my own identity. Imagine if I had TWO.


You know how so many people have dreams where they’re falling and they wake up before they hit the ground?

I don’t.

I don’t ‘hit’ the ground per se, but I kick off with my feet and sort of fly, float. And if I get running and keep going, I can kind of fly/float as if I am tentatively swimming through the air. I end up losing altitude and have to start running and jumping in order to semi-fly again, but yeah.

I do feel the fear of the initial fall and am terrified, but by the time I am 97.5% close to the ground, I remember that I can fly, sort of.


Oh, oh, I also say “so”, “okay” and “and” too often.


I’m reading “Micro” by Michael Crichton and Richard Preston right now. It’s so strange to read something by Crichton again because (and I only remembered this a few months ago) “Prey” by Crichton was the first adult fiction novel I ever read. Anne Rice, Stephen King and Dean Koontz came after that one random book. I picked “Prey” up in a gas station traveling to Indiana, where we lived for a little over six or seven months. The drive from California to Indiana was long and I had run out of books, so I picked up a random novel that sounded good. Turns out I loved it. I think I kind of forgot about every other author once I found Dean Koontz though.




I wrote up a book review for “Dead Man Rising” by Lilith Saintcrow and I’m going to post it soon. Do people like reading book reviews? I don’t blog on them often.


I am an AVID reader, obviously, but my bookshelf isn’t that huge. Maybe I’ll throw a picture of it up here. I have read hundreds of books. But I don’t keep them all. I only keep the books I loved. The ones that stirred something raw inside me, the ones that I made a connection with. If the book was just, ‘eh’, I don’t keep it. As a result, my bookshelf is not busting with titles.

I think that also boils down to my being so freaking picky as well.


Stephen King says you need to read 50% of the time and write 50% or the time if you want to be a writer. Bam!


My time management skills suck. Why? Mainly because I feel intensely guilty if I am just sitting around relaxing. Hell, 85% of the time, if I’m watching a tv show or a movie, I’m doing something else too.

So that whole, relax, take time to yourself every day, sit down, recharge and unwind thing? I’m not very good at that. But I’m working on it.


There was this shark on the news today with freaky weird jaws. It reminded me of a pelican’s mouth, how it expands. Sort of. It’s called the Goblin Shark.

Here, toward the end of this video, you see the shark open and close its jaws. Cool, huh?


I love this shark. It’s called the Japanese Frilled Shark and it was thought to be extinct. Only they spotted one years ago. It was featured in a book of mine – the first book I ever wrote – only that book has thankfully gone to book heaven and will one day be resurrected to all its glory. Including the Frilled shark.


Also, I’m pretty sure I can now add, “sort of” and “kind of” to the list of words and phrases I overuse.




Okay, so that’s enough crazy for now.

Here are my goals (and in case you don’t know what #writemotivation is, click here and here).


May #writemotivation Goals

  1. Get the first 1/3 of current WIP rewrites written.
  2. Read every weekday.
  3. Finish critique of critique partner’s novel.
  4. Exercise every week.
  5. Standing Goal: Be honest with myself. Do things because I want to. Not because I “have to” or its “next on the to-do list”. Purpose is key. Don’t be a productivity robot. Find inspiration every day. Figure out what makes me happy.


How is everyone doing with their May #writemotivation goals?

Do you wake up before you hit the ground in dreams where you’re falling? Are there any words or phrases that drive you up the wall? Do you think either of those sharks are flippin awesome?


And no, none of the pictures in this post have ANYTHING to do with the post.



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9 responses to “Connect the Crazy

  1. i need a glass of wine or something after that. my brain is out of whack. good luck with your goals and with the not throwing brick at people for using annoying phrases. i live with teenagers – i would have paved a road with bricks by now if i did that.

  2. “So that whole, relax, take time to yourself every day, sit down, recharge and unwind thing? I’m not very good at that. But I’m working on it.” I’m the same way. Also, I love your Connect the Crazy, it makes me thing we’d get along well in conversation. My mind does that too but I try not to post it. I may write it down sometime though just to see it.

    Goal #5 I love it. I think more people should look for purpose and inspiration in each day.

    And yes, that shark is FREAKY! Totally a Goblin Shark.


    • I know right? I feel guilty if I’m not DOING something with my time, as in actively doing something. I’m trying to convince myself that sometimes, breathing is all the ‘doing’ I need to be doing.

  3. I enjoyed reading your random musings! I want to try reading books by Koontz, but I never know what to go for – do you suggest any particular title?

    Also, when I dream of falling, I always wake up to frantic flailing!

    • Some of Koontz’ books can be slow, so if that bothers you, whatever you do, do NOT read the Odd Thomas series. It can be very slow.
      But my favorites by Dean Koontz are (and they aren’t slow): The Taking, 77th Shadow Street, Phantoms, Strangers, and Whispers.

      Really? I’ve never done that. I have done that thing where you trip in your dream and you jerk awake though…

  4. I use the word “totes” all the time, but I’m usually referring to a tote bag, or a storage tote (you know, the Rubbermaid ones that are awesome for moving?). I’ve used it as an abbreviation for “totally” maybe once or twice, but always in print and never aloud. “Cray-cray” drives me cray-zay. 🙂

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