Let’s Play a Game *creepy smile*

So, I was going to type up this whole post where something revolved around the theme of one of my April #writemotivation goals. But then I was just like, ‘eh’, I feel like a drunk zombie, I’m sucked into the book I’m reading, I’m loving where I’m at with my own writing, and you know – life.

So, uh, no post with a specific purpose. We’re going to try something new. I’m going to start thinking and then vomit t he words out onto my word document like some perverse strain of connect the dots.




And, on with the crazy!


Last month, I ate moldy pizza.

Okay, it wasn’t moldy, it actually tasted really good. But it looks naaasty.


Instead of throwing my dog’s toy for him, I almost threw my lip-gloss, hair tie, the controller, and my phone like seven times. The adjacent walls thanked me for not beating them with my phone. Lucky was just like, “can you throw the freaking Kong already?”



think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts


Speaking of talking to walls, could you imagine if someone planted a video camera in a writer’s house? I know for me, they’d have me talking to walls, yelling at people who weren’t there, pacing in circles and back and forth, trying to figure out how this character would kill that one, why this guy would live if I could just have him fall off a cliff, and when would my cookies be done?

I talk to myself, smile to people who are in my head, a lot. People would think I was nuts!

Well, I am, but come on.


OH, oh! I finished draft #4 ½ of HUMAN OR HIDDEN, left it alone for 2 weeks and started back working on it this last Thursday.


Thanks to Nikki Barnabee, I now know of a search engine that says it doesn’t track its users. That way when I search how to kill someone with a toothpick and how long bodies actually need to soak in acid before they’re good to be buried, the government doesn’t come knocking on my door when my next door neighbor goes missing.


I really need to write up my 11 random facts about me post in response to the blog award given to me months ago. But you know, I keep forgetting. My bad. What the hell am I going to tell you? I don’t like tofu? Maybe I’ll talk about my experience with golf carts, lakes, and geese.


I don't even know why this is here. Do you know why this is here?

I don’t even know why this is here. Do you know why this is here?


I figured out what was wrong with my writing. I’ve been treating it like a chore, something on a to do list that must be checked off by day’s end. I don’t know how that happened. I’ve always written as an escape. Somewhere along the lines I lost that.

Now I’ve remembered why I’m writing. To share all my friends inside my head with you guys. And the annoying ones I’d love to suffocate, but you have to have the good with the bad.

I write to escape, so naturally I love the stories in my head. That means I’m supposed to be sharing those stories, not ones I’m writing for self imposed homework.

So anyway, that’s why this round of Draft 4 and my current round of revisions (draft 5) has me so excited, guys. I’ve finally found my mojo. Even though I kicked it to the curb all on my own for some stupid reason, but let’s focus on the good here. 😉


The show Hannibal is pissing me off. I really want to read the books by Thomas Harris. But this show – oh my gosh this show! It is making me so angry that I really wish I could jump in and castrate Hannibal. Just saying. Who is so stupid as to believe he isn’t the killer? But everyone is soooooooo capable of believing that Will is. I mean, I could go along with this. But not for an entire season. Every episode is the Same. Exact. Thing.

Anyone else getting annoyed and bored with this show? I might stop watching it if it doesn’t move forward.


I have begun stalking literary agents once again. Mwahahahahahahahaha!

That sounded creepy. I’m not getting creepy with it guys. Don’t actually stalk someone. They might hit you with a brick before you can chloroform them.


I’ve begun reading “Stolen” by Kelley Armstrong and I’m liking it so far. I didn’t read book 1 but I always end up reading a random book in a series and if I like it, then decide to read them all.

This book is perfect to be reading while getting back to work on my own because it’s different. Odd. Off the beaten path, as the main character isn’t trying to act like a human with a superpower. She’s brutally honest with the fact that she’s an animal. I like that.


Personally, my favorite character in that story is the wolf.

Personally, my favorite character in that story is the wolf.


Truth is a big deal with me. I love the “Boy who Cried Wolf” story and all its variations.  I’m thinking of doing something with it. It’s a vengeful story.


There are polka dots on my shower curtains.


So did any of this make any sense? If it tells you something about how my brain works and you decide on a plot to possess me and take over my life and find the squirrels so you can hitch a ride with the aliens – don’t bother. I’m telepathic. I’ll see you coming.

*evil glare*


My April #writemotivation Goals:

  1. Read daily.
  2. Begin working on “Human or Hidden” Draft #5 on either April 3rd or 7th (2 weeks of not touching it over then).
  3. Decide on overall changes and additions for “Human or Hidden”.
  4. Critique 2 chapters of “HoH”.
  5. Continue researching literary agents.
  6. Do things because I want to. Not because I “have to” or its “next on the to do list”. Purpose is key.
  7. Don’t be a productivity robot. Find inspiration every day.


Do you ever follow your thoughts in a string of aimless words, memories, and/or ideas? What’s on your mind?

Wow. This was just a bunch of weirdness. And for all my Twitter stalkers – I still have the Reading Rainbow song stuck in my head. *smacks head against wall*



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8 responses to “Let’s Play a Game *creepy smile*

  1. My shower curtain has circles on it. *wisenod*

    Good luck with WriteMotivation!

    • What if I told you my shower curtain has blue, brown, and light blue circles on it? *raises eyebrow dramatically*
      I hope writemotivation is doing well with you this month. 😉

      • Well, MY shower curtain has gray, black, and white circles, and some of those circles are made up of little squares. So there! 😛


        Eh, writemotivation is going okay. I bit off more than I can chew again. Oh well!

  2. Skelly

    That is there because they are gonna fall, but live, suckas!

  3. I loved this. I totally believe you’re telepathic. I like tofu, but I’ve never had a good experience with a goose. Congrats on all your mojo-discovery!

    • Ah, thank you! So it wasn’t boring and/or demented? Awesome. You’re like the Uber Blogger of all Bloggers, so I must be doing something right. 😉
      Sometimes I think if I just blog about what’s on my mind, people will approach me with tranquilizers or get bored.
      And I think I’ll blog about the goose soon.

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