You Make Me Angry

You – 

who say you’ll never own a dog because they can maul a child or grown person to death.


A human can beat you to death and laugh about it.

A human can shoot you and walk away, indifferent to your death.

Children will kill for less than a Klondike bar, in the real world.


I am in sooo much pain right now. Not.

I am in sooo much pain right now. Not.


But hey, dogs are so dangerous that they shouldn’t be around your children or your neighborhood.

Because they could maul you.

They’re dangerous animals.


They have different morals than yours.


You just described 50% of the human population. So do you keep your sister away from your family? Because, you know, she could beat you to death, she’s human, she’s by definition unpredictable if there are emotions involved. And being human, she feels emotion.

You keep your children separated, right? Because given the right genetics and circumstances, they will literally kill each other and move on. It’s happened, and if one dog has done it once, that means they’ll all do it, riiiiiight?, so…

You make sure you keep all human contact at a minimum, right?


Animals only have base instincts, true, but if a dog’s owner falls on hard times, not enough money to keep a house or buy food, they’ll stay at their side. Warm their bed, even when it’s only a gutter backing a garbage bin. They’ll never complain for having scraps, they’ll always warm your heart, lick your hand, watch you as you go about your day.

But humans? If they feel like it, they’ll leave their animals to starve and die, alone and frightened. Pack up and move, cutting their ‘losses’. You can leave animals at shelters. For free. It’d take five minutes of your life, but hey, the animal who lives for you, is only brought happiness and entertainment by you, they’re not worth your time or love any longer. You can’t afford them and so they cease to exist for you.

Because money is always more important than five minutes of your day and definitely more important than an animal, according to some humans.


Flame and Mom. The uber lap dog.

Flame and Mom. The uber lap dog getting loves.


Animals have only base instincts. Yes. The feel fear and love, kill to stay alive and kill for food. They don’t have human morals.

But humans do know better, we know the difference between right, wrong, and indifference. We have the potential to become the most compassionate and giving species, the ability to inspire and bring to pass so much greatness.

And what do we do?

We abandon love for money, sex, social standing, the newest phone. We, as a species, torture, hate, hurt, rape, and murder for nothing more than a dollar.

We have the potential to be great, yet we choose to become something horrid and selfish.

Dogs? They do well with what they’re given. If a dog’s owner dies and they had a healthy happy relationship, the dog will literally stay with their owner’s corpse, heartbroken.

They love and loyalty is not something faded and brushed aside to them, it is the base of their being once they’ve decided to trust.


I’m not saying all humans are horrible, the world is not filled with only ugliness.

I’m trying to say the exact opposite. Just, you know me, I take the long way around.

We can love, embody compassion, bring so much amazing greatness to our world and those in it. And that includes bringing love, safety, and compassion to animals.

Most of the time, there are two reasons why a dog is mean, and would therefore maul your children.

ONE: their owner treated them or trained them poorly. Bad things are done to dogs and those dogs then, in turn, are cruel.

TWO: The dog is inbred by too many generations and it messed with their disposition.


An animal cannot control their genetics or who owns them. Don’t inbreed them, don’t fight them, don’t treat them badly, and you won’t have to worry about it.


Flame and my brother.

Flame and my brother.


This world is beautiful and there are millions of good people filling it. But just like humans, there are good dogs and bad dogs. There are human beings who are more likely to shoot you then help you.

Every species has its cruel members and its compassionate members. There are Jeffrey Dahmers and Mother Theresas. There are dogs who are sweet and loving and dogs who are damaged, and some who need to be put down to keep others safe. Just as there are serial killers who should be put away from us, to keep us safe.


So do not tell me that bringing a dog into your home would endanger you because they could bite you to death and they’re so dangerously horrible.

I could bite you to death. Seriously.

There are humans who eat other humans for crying out loud!

Do not condemn an entire species because you made the bigoted mistake of deciding for an entire breed of dog (or dogs in general) that they are dangerous because they have large jaws and pointy teeth. Going by those rules, everyone and everything is dangerous. Because everything can be used for good or bad, to help or to hurt.

You are spreading an opinion which isn’t true, bringing others to believe you and turn their backs on a species who are kicked into the streets and abandoned on a daily basis. Animals suffering because of human cruelty.


Flame was my second fuzzy baby. He never once hurt me. Only brought me happiness.

Flame was my second fuzzy baby. He never once hurt me. Only brought me happiness.


And to all you who have been attacked by a dog. I am sorry. I do understand the terror. But go yell at a human. I know three people who have been bitten and attacked by dogs. My mother was chased down by a dog when she was younger.

But do you know what all four instances included, for all four people?

There was animal cruelty before there was a cruel animal. In one instance, neighborhood children tormented the dog on a daily basis, went into the dog’s territory and hurt it before the dog did anything.

Stop fearing something because you do not understand it. Dogs can bring you joy and save your life when another human threatens you.

Yes, they are animals and you should not apply human standards to them. Don’t grab them around the neck, don’t get in their face when they’re eating, etc. If you’re going to love an animal, you need to do it responsibly. You wouldn’t have a child without knowing how to take care of one would you?


There are always bad apples.

But there are murderers. Does that mean all humans are evil and should be abandoned to a sad, lonely and miserable life?

No. It does not. If you don’t want a dog, don’t get a dog. But don’t give “they’re dangerous” as the reason. A stapler is dangerous.


MoJo, my first fuzzy baby. THE most tolerable creature I've ever met.

MoJo, my first fuzzy baby. THE most tolerant creature I’ve ever met.


Okay, rant over. 😉

What do you think about people and dogs and biting?



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13 responses to “You Make Me Angry

  1. Holly

    Hi Daph, I think that this post was awesome .You really did a great job. I agree with you that people should not judge dogs because they think there dangerous. It’s cruel and mean to hurt an animal that did nothing to you.

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  3. jehjeh007

    Pit bulls in the wild here in Houston. Homeless black lady killed literally ripped apart, 3 months earlier Hispanic hard working grandmother waiting at the bus stop to go to work ripped to shreds and bled to death on the spot. Jogging white female engineer barely saved by white elder who decided to intervene, she survived with 350 stitches all over her body and came no longer work. Old black man going one his supper walks to be threatened to the point of defecating on himself, until finally he shot 2 to death, then he made the news. He called the city numerous times before then, nothing. Now that he defended his right to live outside his home, the city threatened to jail him citing “unlawful discharge of a weapon in city limits”. Everybody has heard of the Himalayan “Crazy Cat” who’s tail was pulled by the 7 month old baby. Me? Chased twice by a pack of pit bulls. Twice white neighbors saved me. Third time, I’m riding my bike exercising and “attempted” attack again a pack of 3 pit bulls. Let’s just say I was the only one alive after that and that is my right. Animals do what they do and so do humans. Both have the right to live, but never should it include taking my life or any other human or animal unless it is for food or to defend one’s self. I was given a pit bull in my 20’s. Sweetest/smartest dog ever, until you tried to hurt me or her previous owner. I blame the owners that let these dogs loose on the city (poor and the ignorant or vigrant), I blame the city for protecting only the rich putting my tax money to use for only the rich (mayor and city counsel), I blame the GOP for lying about cutting government expenses ONLY on those people who can’t defend themselves and could care less about human dignity (one’s that allowed it to happen, not all including DEMs protecting their own “skins”), civil rights and GOD as they are the “chameleons” (Carl Rove) who stirred this reality into being. I don’t blame animals as they and we are the victims to the GOP nonsense. We need jobs, stop the “GOP old men” for holding the country hostage and overworking people to death so that corporations will benefit from the spoils of defenseless people. I hate to say it Daphne, but you and I know it is unfortunately ALL POLITICS. I truly respect your heart in this matter, but please do not become yet another “right-wing” to put their head in a hole in the ground. Don’t be overwhelmed into complicity as this is being done to you by design (no sweetie, you are not imagining it, you are right and you are sane). We are all one whether we like it or not. Accountability and principalities are in flux today. Fight for all to win, not just the rich few. It is possible.

    • Well first off, I’m glad you’re alright. 🙂
      And second, don’t worry, I suffer no illusions of how we got where we are or why.
      It’s nice to know that though you’ve seen the uglier side, you don’t get lulled into the blame game without bothering to think for yourself.

  4. People are much more dangerous than animals and unpredictable. I love this post. I grew up with animals of every kind and never had an issue with biting unless they were injured.

    • Thank you. I know, I did too and unless they’re hurt, they’ve never gotten aggressive (and even then, they’re only aggressive if you don’t know how to work around an injured animal). And I’ve had all the big, “dangerous” dogs. 😉

  5. This is fabulous, Daphne! I admire you for having the guts to tell it like it is! At the shelter where Jeremy and I adopted Taylor, 30% of the dogs are euthanized every year, and one of the reasons is because of this human mindset, in my opinion!

    • Aw, thanks. I know, right. It makes me sad. Also makes me wish I could just adopt them all, ya know? 😉

      • I know exactly what you mean! I remember feeling so much sadness the day Jeremy and I walked through Taylor’s shelter just moments before adopting her because I knew I could not help ALL of the dogs and cats in there!

  6. Is Mojo a Rottweiler? (I’m guessing yes) I have a Rottweiler and she is the most placid and beautiful dog I’ve ever seen. I took her to the vet one day when she was a puppy and a little girl came over and started patting her. The kids mother asked me what sort of dog it was and I said a Rottweiler and the mother yelled to her kid ‘get away from that thing!’ My dog was about three months old. I hate it when dogs get a bad wrap because of ignorant and stupid people.

    • MoJo was an American Rottweiler and Flame was a German Rottweiler, that’s why he was more beefy as opposed to MoJo’s thinner frame.

      “I hate it when dogs get a bad wrap because of ignorant and stupid people.” I could NOT agree more. Drives me insane. It’s like racism. One bad cookie and people assume the whole batch is bad.

      Oh, how old is your sweety? Give your baby a love for me, 😉

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