Slice of Sexism

I’m not big on country music, but I like this song.

Their voices, when they harmonize, are amazing to me. The first time I heard them sing the chorus at 1:00, I was blown away. One of the reasons I love this song is the emotion they both bring to it; its beautiful.



This song – it definitely needs both to sound as amazing as it does.

Sexism is defined as, “prejudice, stereotyping or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex”, “attitudes or behaviors based on traditional stereotypes of sexual roles”, and “behaviors, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex”, (according to googleDefine, Merriam-Webster, and



Each gender is its own, has its own qualities and awesomeness, its cross over qualities, its strengths and weaknesses. < But all of those descriptive words right there have more to do with PERSONALITY and INDIVIDUALITY than they do with ANATOMY. We let the stereotypes of the gender speak more than the person. Gender does not tell us who a person is, their personality should factor into that – not assumptions and sexism.


The 1950’s and prior? OVER. DONE. This is the twenty-first century and forward. Welcome.

It’s a fine line and a confusing balance must be struck. But it’s possible.

Does the emotion in this song do anything for you?



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6 responses to “Slice of Sexism

  1. jehjeh007

    Spot on Daphne! Most people feel as you do without any exception. Well maybe exception by those that are gay. But even they too should feel as you do because it is what allows them to be accepted as they are. Frankly, I can care less about what goes on in another’s bedroom. I care more about how a person respects others in a civil manner on and off the job. Unless there is a war and you are the soldier, no one should be ask to give up civility in America. It is the only thing separating us from the vicious animals. As you know, not all animals are vicious or straight.

  2. This is a great song, Daphne 😀

    I agree that there are men in the world who see women as inferior – the more things change the more they stay the same (unfortunately) 😉

  3. Hey – just found your blog and I love it! Also this song is fantastic. x

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