Meaning what, Exactly?

I read a Snapple cap the other day. It told me, “Squirrels lose more than half of the nuts they hide”.

There has to be some kind of deeper meaning to that. That just screams life lesson. The cosmos is pausing and whispering in my ear, “Daphne, think on this”.

Stop laughing. I have a bat (the painful kind, not the adorable kind).



Evil looking squirrel, no?


Maybe it means we lose half of ourselves when we hide who we are from the world around us.

Or that we forget half of what we learn in life.

Or maybe Snapple Cap of Meaning is telling me that the squirrels are leaving secret messages for the aliens in the form of hidden nuts, so that when they invade, they know everything about the human race. They won’t even have to experiment on us. They’ll just be bop into town and WHAM! We’re dead. Or enslaved. Or changed into half squirrel, half humanoids. 0_o


As humans, we try to find meaning in everything. Sometimes we don’t want to find meaning in whatever is going on but fate smacks us in the face with it anyway. It’s part of human nature, ingrained in every subject of human behavior and study.

The first thing we think when something happens is, ‘why me?’ or ‘why now?’, or more often, ‘what’s the point?’

We look for hidden messages and meanings in everything we experience, think, or do.


This can be good or very, very bad. We tend to mess things up royally if we don’t get them right.


He's planning something. Run.

He’s planning something. Run.


The Good

Symbols are made by finding meaning in the miniscule, vague, or grand scheme of things. There’s no limit on what a symbol can come from. Symbols can bring hope, give motivation, and represent anything from your background to an achievement.

You can find meaning in every horrible situation you find yourself stuck in. Using this meaning, you can grow, move forward, stay positive.

You can find meaning in the coincidental meeting of the chick you dreamt about last night, who hunted you down with a blood smeared axe. And this time, you can live.


The Bad

People can sometimes find meaning where there is none. Or to justify what they’re doing or have done, even though it’s wrongly interpreted or used.

People can use a meaning out of context to use against or control someone.

A symbol can be twisted to mean something completely different, like the pentagram for example.


The Goofy

Don’t forget the lighthearted, well meaning person who is simply messing around or trying to extract a smile from someone or themselves. Just because you find meaning in something doesn’t mean you’re straight faced and ready to start a political rally centering it.

I think people forget not to take themselves seriously all the time. Goofiness, silliness, and just having a good time is not earth shattering or changing. It just is. And there’s nothing wrong with taking squirrels and their nut hiding habits in a joking manner.



Just like anything else on planet earth (and all the crazy planes of the mind and imagination), people can use meaning to hurt or to help. Or to just have fun.

Meaning is personal.


And I have no idea how this post idea strayed from a random Snapple cap to messages and meanings…


What do you think the cosmos is trying to tell me with my Snapple cap?

*dramatic pause*


(I’m telling you though, if an acorn falls out of the sky and hits you in the head, watch out for aliens.)

On second thought, maybe its not the squirrels we need to worry about.

On second thought, maybe its not the squirrels we need to worry about.



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10 responses to “Meaning what, Exactly?

  1. heathercashman

    Write everything down. The reason they lose them is they don’t remember all their hiding spaces. I think I’ve lost more than half the ideas I’ve had because I never wrote them anywhere.
    I think Dennis has the right outlook. Something positive comes from those lost nuts as well!

  2. This post is so you. Your cap is trying to tell you not to hide your nuts. If you keep them around, you’ll never lose them. Either that or make a treasure map. Because pirates!

    What your Snapple cap really meant to tell you was to get back to writing! 😉

  3. I know exactly how the squirrels feel. I have a habit of putting precious things away ‘in a safe place’ and never being able to find them again. The meaning? – maybe we were never supposed to have those things in the first place 😉

  4. The nuts the squirrels lose, turn into new trees, that in turn, produce more nuts. Natural farmers! 🙂

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