Arguing in My Comments – No Religion or Politics

You click into your comments and find two, three, no-five people arguing in the comment section of a blog post you wrote a while ago. The same five people are arguing in multiple places on your post – they found each other’s original comments and attacked.

Ugh. Not surprising, right?

I never responded to them and hoped they’d let it go, but nope, they wouldn’t stop arguing amongst themselves.


This the extent of your opinion sharing skills? Don't comment on my blog, thanks.

This the extent of your opinion sharing skills? Don’t comment on my blog, thanks.










What do you do?

When this happens, do you ignore them, delete their comments, or ask them to shut up?


I deleted ALL the comments by the people arguing. Why? Because they were bloody arguing and it was driving me insane! They didn’t want anyone to win, they just wanted to argue because they each thought they were right and wanted to shove their opinion down the other person’s throat. And they were using my blog to do it.

Every time I clicked into my notifications, they were arguing again. I understand that people are going to argue, after all, everyone has their own opinion. But holy crap this post was written in September of last year and they were still going on about it yesterday!

And a certain commenter (one of the one’s arguing) kept asking me a question that was clearly asked to provoke an argument. I never responded.


I’m going to let you in on a secret:



This argument is going nowhere!

This argument is getting you nowhere!









So when I wrote up this blog post, “Triquetra Symbolism”, I knew there’d be some arguing here and there but I didn’t think it’d go on this long or turn this nasty. Boy was I wrong.

This is my blog. I don’t want to look at people yelling, belittling, and acting childish in the comments section. If you do, I will delete your comments. Arguing for argument’s sake is not okay with me. Trying to shove your opinions down someone else’s throat is not okay.  Telling someone else that their religious or lack of religious beliefs are incorrect is not okay with me.

Everyone is their own person. Everyone has their own opinion.

So do not insult them because they have a different opinion than you. And do not ask me to argue or converse about religion or politics. I don’t care how good or intriguing your question or outlook or point is. I won’t do it.

I’m not here to get into political or religious debates. That’s why I’ve kept specifics of both of those out of my blog.

I’m  here to share what inspires me, what creates and evokes raw emotion within me. I’m here to share and to see what you feel, believe, think, wish, dream, can’t stand, want to change, etc. I’m here to connect. Not have a smack down on aisle religion.


Can’t we all just get along?

How do you respond when people are arguing on your blog’s comments? Are there things you don’t blog about on purpose because you know it would turn into a verbal blood bath?

*Do you have any advice for handling negative, never ending arguments?



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9 responses to “Arguing in My Comments – No Religion or Politics

  1. Jae

    Sometimes it just happens and sometimes you have to delete it and sometimes you let it stand, but at the end of the day, like Rarasaur said, it’s your blog so it’s your rules. I think especially if you aren’t trying to be controversial people should try and have some etiquette. Now I’m curious though, and I’m going to go read that post and see what people were so up in arms about. 😉

    But if you’re being honest in your writing, it’s going to piss some people off and I guess if that happens it does. Just be true to you.

  2. I find that people who argue in comments are just like 3-year-olds, and so I use the same strategy. Reward, sneak remind of discipline, and/or distract.

    So– “Cool Lego statue! It’s going to be a bummer when you have to put it all away because your mom doesn’t like this stuff left out, but at least it looks awesome now. Oh, we should take a picture of it!”

    turns into

    “Wow, that is a really insightful comment! I was initially going to delete it since I’d rather my blog not become a standing ground for a battle, but it was quite thoughtful. I think you should write your own post on it since it sounds like you have a lot of thoughts. When you do, be sure to send me a link so I can read it, too!”

    But, deletin’ them outright works too… your blog, your rules. 😀

  3. writers will write
    haters will hate
    arguers will argue…
    you need to write ;0

  4. Sharon Dodd

    You can never fully make EVERYONE happy. Because what ever we say or write to the public someone somewhere will have a different opinion then you & will try to give you & others there own & what they think is the right way of thinking (not) your way. That is how people is. But then on the other hand, they are many others that has a open mind & respect’s others & their opinions & will not try to debate it if your opinion is different then your own. Everyone has a right to think their own way is right. What even you do, please don’t stop blogging. You have as much right to blog what ever you want to. Just as others has a right to argue that there way is the right way & differ from yours & other bloggers.

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