Blog Vortex of Never Ending Doom. A Good Thing?

Do you ever get sucked into the Blog-Vortex-of-Never-Ending-Doom?

Yeah, me too.

I was thinking about how I’d missed checking out blogs and then I started reading all the posts in my Reader. And then I read a few freshly pressed blogs. And then I started clicking on the suggested blogs on the right of my Reader… and then well, I realized it was like THREE HOURS LATER!


Blue Water Swirling in a Whirlpool








How does that happen? But anyway, the blogs I visited kind of mashed up like this:

That’s legal?,


Bite me,


Dreams I didn’t think anyone would EVER want to share in public… but that was kinda hot in a deranged I’d never admit this sort of way,

Books, books, books, books, BOOOOOOKS,


How did that not cause you a coronary?,

People are mean,

I love animals,

Oh look – other dogs do that weird stare thing at the walls,

Bigots scare me,

Who would publish that comment (don’t they know we can SEE WHO THEY ARE?),

Wow, that looks painful,

By 2030, the number of US workers will reach the number of… baby boomers… Walmart employers are harbingers of death…. The economy is sucking the life out of …. Oh, wait, that’s Mum reading college homework to me in the background – never mind,

Denying time exists,

Deciding to make the time I have useful,

Wait, girls have thoughts too? I thought they were just supposed to make babies and make my dinner *shakes computer screen and threatens to do harmful things to author of post*,


Blue skin,

Mastering your art,

Not listening to bad advice, (no really, it’s not poisonous and that ax will not cut off your toes)


Books versus movies, (of course the MOVIES SUCKED) *except I will never read “The Count of Monte Cristo” because the movie is so cool and I’ve been told he’s untrue (read:manwhore) in the book*

Working towards being good at your art, (aka not failing epically at researching, pulling your head out of the dirt, and using common sense)

Dorothy is giving me a really weird look in that photo,

The small things (GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTER) I’m talking about appreciating the small things in life. Jeeze.,

A haiku I totally skipped over because it’s speaking Japanese to me (seriously three different people wrote those in ONE day… did they invade and I slept through it?),

Creativity, more books, more chocolate, and my dog is looking at me funny, and wow that sounds unsanitary.



into the depths







Okay, so that wasn’t an entire mash up of what I read, just the weird and funny stuff that pinged into my head just now. But you get the idea. I got lost on the blogosphere. And the internet flipped me off, died, and I had to grumble about accidentally sitting on my book and bending the cover. (I sat on it again to fix it, just so you know.)


Do you ever do this? Because I rarely do. But its kind of fun to get lost in the blogosphere for a few hours. Getting lost catching up on other’s opinions and thoughts and musings and wishes and even short ramblings. Finding myself distracted by life from another’s view of the world.

People often tell me blogging is a waste of my time, what with everything going on in my life, all the crap, all the pessimistic mush oozing in and out of my existence. I think they’re wrong. Blogging is a perfect way to keep my wits about me.

Its expression, it’s venting, its finding a way to get what I feel and believe and enjoy and am inspired by out and connect with others on a level we all understand and like. It’s finding new likes and new supporters and friends and oddball fellows who make the day brighter. Its finding like minds and exploring worlds not cemented in by reality. It’s definitely helpful as a writer, as Kristen Lamb even agrees, it’s the easiest way to work on our writing, slimming it down to the least amount of words to accomplish what we want/need to say. It helps us find our voice, whether we’re a writer or not. If utilized properly, I think blogging can be helpful and inspiring.












Do you ever consider “wasting time” not to be wasting time? When and why?

I think there are things we all do to unwind. To get rid of the dreary dust of the day to day, normal demands and upsets. A little time out of the day weekly, or a chunk of time every now and again.

To just have fun. Let go. Stop worrying about how this is profiting me, or what others think.

I think we all need that in our lives. And it’s not a waste of time, in my opinion.

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”


ALSO – is anyone else kind of annoyed that “lukecold” isn’t a word? It’s the opposite of lukewarm but there’s no bloody word for “kind of cold but not freezing but not warm but HOLY CRAP JUST FEEL IT FOR YOURSELF”?

BONUS QUESTION: In what movie does “Tantor” not approve of the sanitization levels?

I will award 5 invisible cookies to the winner…. GO!



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5 responses to “Blog Vortex of Never Ending Doom. A Good Thing?

  1. “Are you sure this water is sanitary? It looks questionable to me!” The movie is Tarzan. Do I win? 😀
    I tend to get lost in a bunch of blogs as well, but I try to keep to my main ones (which are mainly about books, and a random one about randomness). I already get overwhelmed with all the stuff I have to read in school, so I try not to add that stressor to my blogging life ^_^

    • DING DING DING! We have a winner. Tantor from Tarzan it is. *hands you 5 invisible cookies* 😀

      Yeah, I tend to keep to the few I follow too. Blogging can be a major time suck if you let it – and in a bad way. So I don’t get lost on the blogosphere often.

  2. If blogging helps you in any way, why worry about what others think? Do your own thang, right? Okay, I have no idea about the Tantor thing. Sorry. To answer you blog question, no, I don’t get swept up in the blog vortex because I don’t allow myself to go there anymore. No time, you see. I’d rather not know what I’m missing than peek and wish I was there. It’s that whole ignorance is bliss thing. 😉

    • Tantor is the elephant from Tarzan, and his “Is this water sanitary? It looks questionable to me.” is what i was quoting. 😉 It’s stuck with me forever.

      I’m really picky so its hard for me to get lost on the blogosphere. I mean I have to really like your blog to read it. So it was a strange day, lol. But I know what you mean about the time suck. I try to stick to the few blogs I follow and maybe glance at the Freshly Pressed.

      And you’re right, I don’t care if others like it or not, it works for me. I was just wondering if anyone else gets lost occasionally. 😉

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