Are You A Picky Person?

I am. Extremely so. With almost everything, I’ve noticed.


I’ve been analyzing myself and my life lately. Taken to trying to figure out why I feel the way I do about certain things, situations, people, etc. Why I react to certain things the way I do. Why I am reserved concerning others and why . Especially if it in some way upsets me or others. If the way I am reacting is upsetting me or I just don’t know why in general, I don’t think it’s a good thing. And I want to know why. If there’s one thing I should know, its myself.

But in my random thinking’s and pondering upon something I’ve noticed while trying to figure myself out, I came upon the realization that I am much more picky than I had originally thought myself to be. About everything – and I mean everything!












Considering how many movies I watch, there are very few movies I will actually have the desire to watch a second time. But for those that I do, I can’t watch them too many times in a row.

I will watch movies in almost any genre. But I’m extremely picky with what sounds interesting to me and what doesn’t.

I’m not big on mobster drama or major drama in general. I don’t mean the genre ‘drama’, I mean movies that are all about drama. *rolls eyes* You know what I mean. I think. Maybe. I dunno. (I stopped being psychic a few years back.)

Most of the time I only like movies that have a happy ending. I do, however, like some kinds of tragedies. But only some. The rest I loathe. Makes so much sense, right?

I do believe I’m less picky with movies than I am with books and music though.



This one is funny. So funny it hurts. *cringe* It just complicates things… because it pisses off the relatives.

Clothing shopping for me, without me there to try on everything before it’s bought, is pointless. I fit into different sizes, depending on the make. I’ll only wear certain kinds of jeans, shirts, tank tops, and socks, etc. Even hoodies have to fit me a certain way.

This drives relatives nuts because for the holidays, they want to be able to buy me clothing.

I don’t care if clothing is brand name or anything like that; just if it’s comfortable, something I find appealing, and reasonable price wise.

Personally, I love shopping at Goodwill!



This brings me to shoes. I’m even more picky when it comes to shoes than I am with clothing.

Let’s put it this way, I’ve worn the same pair of shoes for over 8 years. Only recently did I find a pair of all black shoes that I like and that fit right.



I don’t like most mainstream art. I’m very eclectic here. My favorite artist right now is Victoria Frances. She’s got some great gothic paintings of haunting, fantasy creature inspired women that captivates me. I did a post on her art before, here.

Brian introduced to me to another really cool artist, Manon Delacroix.

I like some of Claude Monet’s paintings. A lot of the art that I like is of nature.

Even when it comes to the covers of books, I’m picky as to which ones I consider to be a piece of beautiful art.



I am constantly looking for new music. I like music in all genres mostly. However, I only have two bands in which I have all their music.

For the rest, I listen to a few a songs by each artist/band and that’s about it.



Oh my gosh, don’t even get me started on how picky I am with food! …. Wait… I started it. Well whatever.

I am picky when it comes to food. Always have been. But I eat a lot of it!!!

There are even some kinds of chocolate I won’t eat.  And that’s about all the explanation that’s needed here.

I do like to try new foods though!



Reading is something I do all the time. In 6th grade I began reading Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, and Stephen King. I never looked back from there.

However, since then, I do believe I’ve become even more picky. I find Anne Rice’s writing too slow. And some of Stephen King’s novels too depressing. (Although I still read Stephen King’s books whereas I don’t read anything of Anne Rice’s.)

I still read Dean Koontz. In fact, he’s my favorite author to this day. But I haven’t read all of his books and I never will. Why? Because I don’t want to. Some of his books just don’t sound appealing to me.

My favorite author and I haven’t even read all of his books…


Let’s take a look at the entire list of authors who I read a series by, or continuously read multiple books by, shall we?

  1. Dean Koontz
  2. Laurell K Hamilton
  3. Heather Graham
  4. Karen Chance
  5. Patricia Briggs
  6. Kim Harrison
  7. Charlaine Harris

That’s a pretty short list, now isn’t it? I’d say so, especially for as voracious as a reader I am.

I do have to note that I haven’t had the money for more than one book every two weeks for a very long time due to personal situations, but even with that taken into account, I’m still picky with what I’ll read and what I’ll not. My new found freedom, will, however make it possible for me to explore and discover new authors – yay!

Most of the authors I’ve listed above, I’ve only read one or two series written by them. Sometimes I haven’t even read every book in each series…because I don’t want to.

I’m hoping to find more authors and more series’ to love now that I’ll be able to read more. But I proved to myself that I’m just as picky as ever when, a few weeks ago, I didn’t like four of the books I’d gotten from the secondhand store. Couldn’t even get into them.

I have now decided on getting a book by a new author every time I read four or five books by authors I already know. Or I’ll get irritated. I read one I thought I’d like last week but it sucked in my opinion. So, I’ll have to try another. After I read something I know I’ll like. 😉

But do you see what I mean here? Extremely picky with books.

I mainly stick to fantasy, science fiction, horror, and paranormal. Straight crime and straight romance bore me. Normally there has to be something not human in the book for me to be interested.

I’ve tried reading books in other genres, multiple times at different ages by different authors. But I just can’t do it. I’ll get bored with it and dread reading it. Which is not why I read.

I read to escape. To leave where the here and now. To inspire myself. To enjoy it. Not dread it.



I’m not picky with/about the following things:

The way my hair is done up. Up, down, straight, wavy, curled; whatever it feels like doing.

Sleep. When I sleep, I sleep. I’m not too particularly picky about when. I am a night person though, so I enjoy being awake when its dark outside.

….Yeah okay so that’s all I could come up with.



Most people think that if you’re picky, it’s a bad thing. That it makes life harder for you. That you wish you could stop being so picky.

Not me.

I don’t mind being picky whatsoever. It makes things simpler for me. I only get what I know I 100% will like/use/read/enjoy, and I don’t have to worry about regretting getting it. I know what I like and I don’t have a problem being picky.

If I come up against something I’m not sure about, I’ll try it and see if I like it. I love trying new things. It’s just not too often that I find I like something new. It’s a 50/50 chance. 😉


What about you? Are you a picky person in general, not at all, or only with a few things? If so, what are you picky about?



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16 responses to “Are You A Picky Person?

  1. Ivon Richardsen


    • There is absolutely nothing wrong with being picky. I am finding I am WAY more picky than I originally even thought. It’s just who I am. And if you’re picky, there’s nothing wrong with that either. It’s who you are. It simply means you’re not okay with settling with everything. You are particular. Most people don’t even realize that they’re just going along with everything. They don’t stop to wonder if they really like something, really want something.
      I’m starting to think being picky is a blessing. It’s being a bit more self aware. 😉

  2. I know how picky you are my dear graddaughter

  3. I am picky in certain ways, I love my space. Sometimes I spend alot of time alone but I am never lonely. I find since I took the plunge last year to become a full time writer, that I am picky about what I fill my time with. I suppose it is because I left it so late in life and now feel like I need to work, work, work to catch up.

  4. I’m quite picky. Like you, it’s really difficult for me to pick clothes and shoes because there will always be something I don’t like about an item.
    As for food… oh God I’m terrible. I’m very picky when it comes to food. Literally. As in I’ll pick out the things I don’t like in the dish and toss them aside. xD
    As for books, I used to stick to my same authors too, but eventually I decided to keep trying new ones, and it’s been fun! I recommend Disc World by Terry Pratchett – that series is fantastic.

    • That’s exactly what I do! I just pick out what I don’t like and I’m good to go. People look at me like I’m nuts!

      That’s what I’ve been doing up until now but lately I just want something new in the mix. Or rather, multiple new authors. So I’ve been grabbing something new when I can.

  5. I’m picky in that once something becomes popular or ‘main stream’ I’m done with it. Usually. Some things transcend this tendency of mine. I blame my never ending need to be unique. ^_^

  6. I’m the pickiest eater in my family. I’m a chocoholic, and yet I won’t eat all kinds. And yes, straight contemporary stories tend to bore me too. So I can relate. 🙂

  7. I’m particularly picky when it comes to people I open up to. Sure there are people I call “friend” who don’t know the real me. I guess you could call me guarded. But once I let someone in, I’m fiercely loyal and supportive. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for those people.

    Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world who doesn’t like Harry Potter. *gasp* Yes, I said it. I don’t like the books, movies, anything. Not my thing. People who know me would nod and agree. They know my tastes and Harry Potter doesn’t fit in with them. I think we’re all picky in our own ways. And thank goodness for that too. I don’t want to be like everyone else. I’m quite happy being me.

    I don’t see you as being picky. I see you as being you. Apparently you were a geisha at one point too. 😉

    • You and me both! You sound like a carbon copy of me…except you’re male. And tall.

      I know people who don’t like Harry Potter, its all good. I won’t gasp at you. 😉

      Ha – that was Halloween night, three years ago. And I don’t remember what I was. I hate to burst your bubble but I was never a geisha. lol That was just supposed to me looking picky…only I’m also really picky with what pictures of myself I will keep, so that was all I had that fit.

  8. I’m definitely picky with shoes and will not wear anything that hurts my feet. I totally agree with all your picky traits here and you’re so right about having no regrets if you’re picky.

    I would only add one thing to the list – friends. I’m very picky about who I am friends with (because I’m a hermit and I love my ‘me time’).

    I love your ‘picky picture’! It’s wonderful 😀

    • Oh thank you… I’m not the only one!

      Oh that’s one I didn’t think about. That’s a good one to be picky about though. All it takes is one bad apple. 😉

      Thanks. I thought it was dorky enough to cover being my “picky face”.

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