Where There Is Desire

I don’t know what I love more; this song, or its video.

It’s not very often that a music video catches my attention to the point that I’ll have the actual desire to watch it again. Yeah, some are really good. But they don’t spark anything vital or raw in me. They’re just kind of there.

Not true with this one. Every time it comes on I find myself pausing whatever I’m doing and clicking in to watch it. It goes so perfectly with the melody and the lyrics. And the choice of a modern dance style is a perfect match.

There’s just so much passion. So much heat. Fear. Love. Intensity. Power. Powerlessness. They’re so alluring and animalistic. Strength and weakness. It’s her angst and her serenity.

It’s human emotion. The struggle and the thrill. It’s raw.

Very sensual. Not to mention oozing sex appeal.

It’s all how you look at it, how you perceive it – the meaning. I recommend you watch the whole video through before deciding what it means to you and why. Albeit, I think the way they portrayed their choice as a couple a little dorkily at the very, very end.


“Try” by Pink


I didn’t realize how good of shape Pink was in until I saw this. The video is just plain amazing. The strength and balance the two have as partners is crazy beautiful.

I love the lyrics. Anything telling me I should take risks and get back up and try is worthwhile.



After watching the video, Pink’s mom said she was speechless and uncomfortable. She told her daughter, “No one can ever say you play it safe.” Pink replied by thanking her mama. Source.

“I walked up behind her for that first moment and she started singing,” he said. “It was right in my ear. It’s like she barely took breaths. She’s a powerhouse.”  Says Colt Prattes, Pink’s partner in the video. Source.

“Making this video was the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire career. I never wanted it to end. It’s my favorite video ever.” Pink said in a press statement before the video’s premier. Source.


EDIT: read my response to Jae (comment number one) for what this song and video mean to me.


Do you like this song? What do you think about the video?


(Let me know if the song gets taken off of YouTube so I can link a new one, please.)



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11 responses to “Where There Is Desire

  1. Pink has always pushed the envelope when it comes to her music and her videos. At first, I was a little taken aback with the first couple of seconds of the video (with the aggressiveness that was expressed), but then I realized that it was just her way to showing that love is not always a bed of roses. As bwtaylor75 stated, both are showing aggressiveness towards each other…there just needed to be something visual to show the ups and downs that can come with love. To me, the song states that if the connection and the desire is there (and this could be in relation to more than just a relationship with another human being), you should try your best to make it work, to achieve your dreams.

    • “To me, the song states that if the connection and the desire is there you should try your best to make it work, to achieve your dreams.”
      I agree completely. That’s how I read it as well. 🙂

  2. I really like the song. I think the video shows the battle of love – not many people win in the end and they either end up as ‘one’ (in the final leap) or they end up annihilating each other.

  3. Amani Sheth

    I Have been listening to this song on repeat for the last week or so. it’s so incredible, and I’ve been using the lyrics as quotes for my statuses on all my devices as well. 😀

  4. This video, at least in my opinion, is trying to show the give and take, through dance, of a relationship. If you watch, both the man and woman take turns being agressive, and showing the effects of the other’s agressive behavior. Basically love hurts sometimes. Both sides are often to blame but wouldn’t we rather experience love firsthand than live our lives wondering how love feels? These two go through their ups and downs, and at the end they still run toward each other. They could have gone anywhere else, but they willingly collide. Why? They need each other. If we get hurt in love do we give up on it altogether? No, we try, try again. I especially like how the chalk marks get bigger and mix together as the video progresses. We get to see the visual effects of the dancing, and thus this couple’s love. If you notice, they start off clean. But by the end of the video they are both covered by chalk. Awesome.

    I don’t believe the video was meant to show an abusive relationship. That was a product of the emotion and style of dance. Pink continues to wow us. I wonder what she’ll do next?

  5. Jae

    I don’t discount Pink’s talent, but for me that video was uber disturbing. Is the message that abusive relationships are okay? I’m not very familiar with Pink so I don’t know her style. I guess I’m on Pink’s Mom’s side, lol. 😉 The song in and of itself I’d probably like, but not sure I can disassociate it from a strange relationship. What do you see it as Daphne? The meaning?

    • That’s not what I got out of it. LOL I can definitely see how it shows that way though.

      It’s really hard for me to convey exactly what it means in words. I’m horrible at articulating ‘meanings’. lol But just the strength, trust, and balance it takes to pull off what they did together, shows. And neither of them gets hurt. For example, in the beginning when he has her by the neck and swings her around, she has her hands gripping his arms and feels no pain. Its all about balance and giving as much as you take.

      To me, its definitely not about an abusive relationship. Pink has taken her thoughts and angst and troubles and frustrations when in a frustrated and straining relationship that she knows she probably shouldn’t be in anyway, because she knows it mostly likely won’t work out, and put it into physical movements. She’s taken the emotion and made it physically noticeable.

      When doing dance – especially modern, you’re supposed to make movements exaggerated and I think she took that and used it to show just what people feel like doing in relationships they really want to salvage but don’t know how.

      Everyone wants to strangle their lover at some point, but not really. It’s only in their head and they’d never actually do it. And lots of it seems to just be in her head too. When they throw the chairs in the house at the end, it cuts to her throwing the chair in the middle of a desert but I feel that’s just in her mind, a metaphor for how she feels things are but aren’t actually physically happening that way. And at the very end, they decide that they need each other, can salvage it, and run towards each other, knowing if they try they can stay together without dropping one another.

      In the lyrics, she says, “You gotta get up and try”. So you see the man literally dropping her and she dropping him at times, making the metaphor a physicality. Us writers can use metaphors via words, an artist using her voice and dance choice only has her body and voice to translate what she’s trying to get across.

      Just to add in there, I am in no way okay with abusive relationships, physical or otherwise. I just feel that she was trying to convey how messy relationships can be in our minds and how we struggle internally, wondering how its going to turn out and how we should deal with things compared to how we imagine it sometimes.

      Hope that makes sense. 😉

      • Jae

        I think I’d rather just read your explanation vs. the video, lol. I guess that’s what great about having so many different voices is we can understand something in multiple ways. Something that doesn’t appeal to one may appeal to another, etc.

        Anyways, I like hearing your opinion, no matter the topic, so thanks for sharing it. 😀

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