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Define the Mystery Genre

I didn’t know there was such a thing as a ‘culinary’ mystery before this post.

It brought to mind a crazy chef trying to hack me to pieces with a meat cleaver. But I was a bit off…


MYSTERY: Genre Fiction.

Mysteries are an unsolved puzzle of some sort, dilemma, or crime to be figured out, step by step. Misdirection and complexities are common, as the entire novel is about the protagonist(s) figuring out the answer to the mystery. There are always secrets that are unknown by both the reader and protagonist, or at least the protagonist until the very end.

There can be one protagonist or a group of protagonists working together. The protagonist’s struggle to find the answer they seek can be physical and/or psychological. It’s not often that the person who committed the crime stays unknown, or the answer to the puzzle or dilemma goes unsolved. Most often the novel ends with the mystery being solved.

Said to be more plot driven and to have the perfect “beginning, middle, end” set up where the plot is concerned. (BEGINNING: Mystery – MIDDLE: Looking for Clues/Facts/Evidence to Solve Mystery – END: Mystery Solved)










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Where There Is Desire

I don’t know what I love more; this song, or its video.

It’s not very often that a music video catches my attention to the point that I’ll have the actual desire to watch it again. Yeah, some are really good. But they don’t spark anything vital or raw in me. They’re just kind of there.

Not true with this one. Every time it comes on I find myself pausing whatever I’m doing and clicking in to watch it. It goes so perfectly with the melody and the lyrics. And the choice of a modern dance style is a perfect match.

There’s just so much passion. So much heat. Fear. Love. Intensity. Power. Powerlessness. They’re so alluring and animalistic. Strength and weakness. It’s her angst and her serenity.

It’s human emotion. The struggle and the thrill. It’s raw.

Very sensual. Not to mention oozing sex appeal.

It’s all how you look at it, how you perceive it – the meaning. I recommend you watch the whole video through before deciding what it means to you and why. Albeit, I think the way they portrayed their choice as a couple a little dorkily at the very, very end.


“Try” by Pink


I didn’t realize how good of shape Pink was in until I saw this. The video is just plain amazing. The strength and balance the two have as partners is crazy beautiful.

I love the lyrics. Anything telling me I should take risks and get back up and try is worthwhile.



After watching the video, Pink’s mom said she was speechless and uncomfortable. She told her daughter, “No one can ever say you play it safe.” Pink replied by thanking her mama. Source.

“I walked up behind her for that first moment and she started singing,” he said. “It was right in my ear. It’s like she barely took breaths. She’s a powerhouse.”  Says Colt Prattes, Pink’s partner in the video. Source.

“Making this video was the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire career. I never wanted it to end. It’s my favorite video ever.” Pink said in a press statement before the video’s premier. Source.


EDIT: read my response to Jae (comment number one) for what this song and video mean to me.


Do you like this song? What do you think about the video?


(Let me know if the song gets taken off of YouTube so I can link a new one, please.)


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To Halloween or Not To Halloween?

I love Halloween and our entire family dresses up and walks around for free chocolate! I mean candy… Well, I’m there for the chocolate, everyone else likes most all candies.

And as you all know, Daphne is what? Daphne is picture happy. So in a series of photos, here’s how my Halloween night went.






I sharpied a pumpkin. Mwahahahaha!






This is the back. But moving on.

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