I Digress

If it won’t be easy,

I have to ask –

Will it be so trying

That by the end,

My soul is dying?


Sometimes, I think,

The harder thing to do,

Is what turns out

Being, in the end,

Exactly right for you.



By Daphne Shadows

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After Thoughts

How often do we accept going through a challenge simply for challenge’s sake?

How often do we bite off more than we can chew, thinking that if we settle for a lesser challenge, a lesser trial (you know, something we can actually handle and grow from), that we’re simply too weak a person?

It’s true, most nothing worth it is ever easy. But that doesn’t mean EVERYTHING we do, experience, learn, or desire in life must be so trying of a challenge that we turn ourselves inside out to attain them.

I think it boils down to – why are you doing this? What will it achieve? What will you gain? Will you bring harm to yourself or another? Are you doing this because you want to, or because you’re afraid of what others will think of you if you don’t? What are your motivations?



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What Do You Feed Your Dog?

My dog is itchy. Poor little guy. I’ve tried everything.


I came along a website which claimed dog food could be making your dog have allergic reactions. Then I found another which said the same thing. I started talking to dog owners I know and came up with the same answer, over and over again.

I looked up my dog’s dog food.

I did not like what I found.

In particular, there’s one website which breaks down what is in your dog’s food, what it means, and if it’s good or bad, in their opinion.

You can find it here: DogFoodAdvisor

(I do suggest researching the dog food brand beyond this website; on other sites, your preferred vet, and with people you know, because no one source is ever 100% accurate in my experience. And what may be right for one dog breed may not be right for another.)





*shakes head vehemently back and forth*

I am not going to be feeding him the same dog food anymore.

I’m on the hunt for healthy dog food brands.

My vet suggested I look for one which is AAFCO approved. (Click on the name for the website.) Their site also has a page dedicated to helping you understand What is in Pet Food.

My vet also told me that the whole, “grains are bad for dogs” thing isn’t true.

I haven’t made an appointment with my vet yet to run certain brands by her, but I’ll get there. She gave me the AAFCO advice while I was scooting my dog on in to get his shots. I like to have all my ducks in a row before going to the experts.


Meanwhile, I’ve been changing things up with Lucky.

I’m not certain how much I should be feeding him (something else I’ll ask my vet when I make an appointment. It depends on weight, the dog in question, and their breed, as far as I know.) so I’ve been feeding him two to three times a day, depending on what I feed him, how much, and how he’ acts.

I’m only feeding him his dog food once a day now, and it’s the smallest meal.

For breakfast and lunch, I feed him human food I’ve cooked for him.

FYI: If you’re going to change your dog’s diet, you need to do it slowly. Their little systems are sensitive and it can hurt them to switch from one type of food to another instantaneously – especially if you’re introducing human food into their diet. I started out feeding him much smaller amounts and only once every other day.




Okay, now stop freaking out! I can hear all you dog owners shouting warnings. I know, I know.

I don’t feed Lucky anything that can hurt him. I’ll get more into that in future posts. I love my baby, I’m not going to do anything that can hurt him.

And anyone reading this, please know that dogs can be hurt or even killed by a lot of human food. So don’t attempt feeding them anything until you’ve talked to your vet or someone else who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to dogs and food. Oh, and keep in mind that certain breeds can or cannot have certain foods.


I plan on really digging into my dog’s choices and health from now on. I’d like to delve into what he can eat, what he can’t eat, why, dog food brands that are healthy, how food needs to be cooked for him, and anything else dog related I find important along the way (food related or not), etc.

And of course I plan on sharing with you guys what I find .😉

(Just keep in mind I’m in no way a professional.)


What do you feed your dog(s)?

Has your dog’s food ever caused health problems?


(Wow, there were a lot of parenthesis in that post.)


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Maybe you’re supposed to feel numb at some point
And as the dust settles
The true form shows
Nothing is what you had thought it to be

by Daphne Shadows


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Hi everyone!

So, I’m not dead.

I haven’t blogged in a month, but hey – life. It catches you, holds you captive, and only lets you look out the bars of your cage at the shiny bright outside world here and there, all the while charging you for your time and draining you of your soul.

Okay, so perhaps that’s not what’s been happening literally, but you get my point.

So – what to talk to you guys about?




Well, I do like this quote.

“Time passes in moments… moments which, rushing past, define the path of a life, just as surely as they lead towards its end. How rarely do we stop to examine that path, to see the reasons why all things happen, to consider whether the path we take in life is our own making, or simply one into which we drift with eyes closed. But what if we could stop, pause to take stock of each precious moment before it passes? Might we then see the endless forks in the road that have shaped a life? And, seeing those choices, choose another path?”

That’s Scully, in Season 7, Episode 17 of the X-Files.


What if we had brains like a computer and could pause and click on each moment, as a separate screen. Watch and re-watch the path of our lives, the decisions that brought us to each next step.

I think I’d be most alarmed by the amount of time my eyes were closed. How things began to change when I opened up to reality and the harsh but healing truth.

I’m glad I can’t do that. For many reasons. Looking back and freezing all those moments would be too much, I believe. For me anyway.

What about you? What would you find?


Are there moments, moments you can track and firmly say, ‘this is where I messed up’ or, ‘this is where I began to succeed’? Can you look back into your life and honestly say you were present for the part where you looked at the choices you had before you and then stepped onto your chosen path? Or were you led blindly by life’s, society’s, your parents’, your siblings’, your idolized friend’s, anyone’s – opinions, rules, and ‘because I said so’s? Did you follow the “shoulds”, instead of what was right for you? Did you allow the whirlwind of the world, the cacophony of voices, so many voices, drown you out until you weren’t even aware that your eyes were closed? Or that you had your own voice?

I hope not.

But if you did, you could always start now, you know.

I love stories where someone has been victimized or stories where someone has screwed up royally with no one else to blame but themselves, and then at age 30, age 40, age 50 – when the world tells them their life is practically over because they’re sooooo old (yet, life tells you you’re too young to do or know anything correctly and you’re basically just a joke if you’re 28… so apparently the only time life feels your life is validated and worthwhile is the whole year of 29….not sound reasoning here people) – they pick themselves up and begin.


Their life begins there.

Why do I love stories like that?

Because it doesn’t bloody matter how old you are. If you have life in you still – then that’s just it! You have life in you still. So start now and start your own life.


What’ve you guys been up to the past month while I neglected the blog-o-sphere?

I’ve recently been checking out pepper sprays, healthy dog foods, and lunch containers. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a decent lunch container that will survive the fridge at my work and still keep my food un-squished? Freaking mind boggling. But I finally found one today! Yay! It’s stainless steel, so now it can beat everything else in the fridge up. Success!



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If We Couldn’t Change

I’m glad, as a human being, as a person, that I can change.
Aren’t you glad we’re capable of change?
I recently had the need to look back through an old blog post of mine and found myself cringing.
So I’m making some changes.

Let me repeat:
Thank heaven we can change.
*falls over*

My blog is under construction again.
I get itchy. I get agitated. I get tired of how things were.
Right now, I feel like my blog is unorganized and so I’m re-organizing.
Slowly. (because I also tend to put things off that have to do with writing. and emails. i take forever to get to emails.)
I’m also deleting posts that make me wish I could hide under a rock.
It’s like shedding dead skin.

I’m kind of in awe, actually.
It amazes me how much a person can change. Okay, so it amazes (and kind of embaresses me) how much I’ve changed. How I can read a post I wrote two years ago and wonder at the person who wrote it?
Plus I’m finding a post here and there that just seems redudant, as if I really, really didn’t know what to write about but felt obligated… Pointless. And I don’t like it when I’m redundant. I feel like I harp. I don’t like that feeling. (that wasn’t a really redundant paragraph at all)

Have you ever read something you wrote years ago and wondered at how much you’ve changed?

People change.
Situations change.
Atmospheres change.
Could you imagine if we got to a certain point and were no longer allowed to change? To learn, grow. Become.

Without the possibility of change there would be no hope.



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I Isolate

I isolate

I crawl back in

And beg for peace


I isolate

It’s how I survive

Even while I’m not living


I isolate

And for a split second

For a single moment

I can breathe

I can see


I isolate

Because I don’t know how to feel

I don’t know how to exist

For more than moments at a time

Without imploding

Into oblivion

Into nothingness


I isolate

Instead of raking my claws

Into another’s skin

Instead of breaking the surface

And sliding on in

Distract me from the pain

Such a strange way to live

Because disgusted I remain

With the boiling of my blood

The unspoken on my tongue

Oblivion calls


It is not so depressing

It’s an expression of madness

It is not so despairing

It’s a release of the pressure

So hope can be found


by Daphne Shadows


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