How Do You Read Books? And Where is Dr. Seuss?

People do practically everything differently. Except things like eating on a daily basis and sleeping… yeah, that’s kind of needed/required regardless of personal opinion.

But for things like taste in food, how hard your mattress is or how you read a book – there are variables. Sooooo, I bring to your attention the question of the day. Here, on this blog anyway.

How do you read a book?


Do you bend/crease the binding of your book?

When I read a book, it ends up looking like an accordion. I’ve found that this annoys some people. But honestly I don’t know how they read the freaking book without creasing it open. That drives me insane. And we all know I’m already insane enough.

A few weeks ago, I returned some books to a used bookstore, yet she wouldn’t take them because the binding looked like I’d creased it. Because I had. Because I’d read the book. And yet, at our old used bookstore, almost all the books on the shelves looked like mine when I’m done reading them.

So I have no clue if it’s a 50/50 split thing, but apparently its considered “trashing” a book to some people.

Do you do this? Do you think its trashing the book?

See? Accordions.

See? Accordions.


The all-popular book smell.

Apparently this is a thing. I had no idea. I don’t go around sniffing books or really thinking about it at all. But I do love the new book smell. Kind of like cut grass or new paint or McDonalds.

Wait…off subject.

I can just imagine myself walking through Barnes and Noble, picking books off the shelves, opening them and sniffing them for fun. Like tasting wine or something. Moving on.

The used books? I don’t sniff those. It gives me bad mental images.

Do you sniff books?

Wow, it felt weird typing that.


Do you dog ear pages?

I don’t dog ear pages to mark where I’m at in a book. I use a bookmarker. Always.

I never bend the corner of the pages unless I want to mark some specific philosophical or disgusting things that I want to remember. NOT to mark my page. Ever. Its like a sin to me. Painful.

Poor little page, all stiff and neat and doing its job and WHAM!

I use a bookmarker.

Do you dog ear pages? Why?


Marking of the pages.

I have specific bookmarkers that I like. I think there are five that I use at once. In the novel I’m reading, books for research, books for studying the craft. A few of them are really old but I don’t abuse them, so they’ve survived. A few are new. I think I only chose one of them myself, but yeah. Love ‘em.

I would not use a random scrap of paper. I didn’t even think this was possible. Or conceivable. But what did my eyes pick up on when I looked at, um, other people – even the ones in my house? Receipts, sticky notes, scraps of paper.

The horror!

What respecting book reading individual sticks a scrap of grimy paper in there? Poor book. It’s going to need counseling.

Just kidding, it doesn’t bother me. But I do find it a little odd.

Do you use bookmarkers or paper coffee holders to mark your place while reading?

Bookmarker required.

Bookmarker required for the Daphne.


Audio, E or Touchable?

I never listen to books. I always read them. In print. On physical paper from inside the physical book which I can hold in my hands and turn actual pages.

I have nothing against e books or audio books. I just don’t prefer them. At all.

As far as audio books go – what if the reader’s voice annoyed me? And it’s easier for me to comprehend what’s going on if I can see the words as I’m reading. I’ve always been that way. So, not my cup of tea.

E books kind of annoy me. Not the fact that they exist, not the fact that they save trees (which, don’t even get me started on that because if people PLANTED a tree every time they CUT one down, we wouldn’t have this issue, now would we – oh lazy individuals who would rather complain instead of actually DOING something), and certainly not the fact that they’re cheaper.

What annoys me is that people are now threatening to get rid of physical books because THEY prefer eBooks.


Yeah. So if you like eBooks or audio books for physical books – awesome! Just keeping reading. I don’t actually mind what you do. But me? I like me my paperback books. ;)

Which do you prefer?


Book cleanliness vs. book trashiness.

I do not get them dirty. I do not rip pages, bend the cover or in any other way harm my book. Nope. Not happening.

Some people honestly don’t care. Like, it doesn’t matter to them. They don’t think of it as battering their book into oblivion. It’s just a coffee stain. The words are the same. The meaning still intact. The story didn’t go anywhere.



I’m not ridiculous about it but I’m not careless about it either.

And another thing – peoples’ opinions of what a trashed book is differ as well. One person considers ripped covers okay, the next flips like you just yanked their newborn’s hands off.

Which side are you on – clean or trashy?

(I’m talking about books here people. *glare*)


They may be accordions...

They may be accordions…

but they are otherwise unharmed.

but books I read are otherwise unharmed.


Quick, slow or in between?

It depends on the book, how much I’m liking it and my current mood/frame of mind when it comes to how fast I read it. It also depends on where I am and who is around me.

Remember when you were young and you thought reading a book in a day was the biggest achievement ever, made you like SOOO cool? Yeah, that’s so weird. Children are psychopaths. Anyway.

It also depends on what’s going on in my life. If I have a commitment, sorry but that book is not getting in the way of an appointment. Or cake. Especially if it’s chocolate.

Some people read slowly on purpose, to absorb or savor or remember the book well. Other speed through it because they must know what happens next, right now or die. I know I’ve done both.

What do you do or does it matter (do you even think about it)?


Where is Dr. Seuss?

Because he’d be able to make this rhyme.

I read in a chair, on the bed, at the table, while I’m waiting. I’ll read a book almost anywhere. The floor!

Except for the more ridiculous places and in the more outrageous situations. ;) Obviously. But then I think about some human beings and realize nothing is obvious. So yeah. I wouldn’t read a book if aliens were invading or my foot was melting or the crowned queen of England was talking to me. But really, why would she be talking to me?

Where do you normally read?

The funny thing is, I never thought about this stuff much until I couldn’t turn that book in at the used bookstore. It made me wonder about all your bookish ways, oh other people readers.


So tell me – how do you read books? Mwahahahahahahahahahaha… Anything you find funny, odd, weird or just plain unacceptable?

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Would You Stay With a Cheater?

There is one opinion held by many people, widely accepted, which makes me want to blow people’s houses up. Okay, not really, but I swear I turned green a few times.

This opinion hurts people, worse than they’ve already been hurt.


What is this opinion?

When someone cheats on you, someone you love, someone you’re in a serious relationship with, the consensus is this;

“You should stay. Don’t be weak. Work it out. Leaving is the easy way out.”


*turns green* *fumes* *smashes things*


Um, no.

Leaving is not weakness.

Staying is the easy way out.





Reasons Staying is the Easy Way Out



Your relationship will never be the same again. Period. End of story. You KNOW this already, but you’re denying it to yourself and nodding along as your friends tell you things will work themselves out, or you guys can work this out.

Your gut is telling you that this is wrong. But the world is telling you not to ‘give up on him/her’, not to ‘be so weak’, ‘it happens’, etc.

Have the strength to believe in yourself, your feelings, your needs and wants.



If they cheated on you once, they will most likely do it again. I know, I know, everyone says this.

But think about it. Why did he/she cheat on you? It normally isn’t a big issue, like you ignoring them for years and years.

The reason is normally more shallow or spur of the moment. In short, dude or dudette has issues they need to work on. Issues don’t go POOF and never bother you again. They take years to get worked out. And if you stay with said person with issues for years, even if they’re getting their issues worked out? They’ll most likely cheat on you again.

Now, even if you are the couple where the cheater finds solace in another’s arms because their partner has ignored them into alienation and/or neglect? What kind of loving person could ignore you for years, putting you and your feelings and needs aside?  Do they really love you that much? Do they care? I don’t think so.



You will always wonder. If you stay with someone who has cheated on you once, there will always be that sense of foreboding or wonder. Will they do it again? There cannot be trust in a relationship if you’re wondering why your spouse is home late. And this normally leads to a negative, bitter hatred of self and your partner.



You’re afraid. Leaving is hard. You’ve spent a lot of time on this person, on this relationship. You’d have to start over. Maybe a new job, new house. With no one there to support you. It will be a lot of hard work, a lot of unknown. Where will your life go? What will you do?



If you have children, you’re teaching them that cheating is acceptable if you stay. And that opens a whole ball of wax you don’t want to touch. Like, who will your children grow up to be, believing it is all right to cheat on the person you say you love? And if you think they don’t know – you’re insulting them.



If you stay with a cheater, you will constantly wonder about your self worth and your decision making skills. Second guessing yourself because there is no harmony or trust. You have no solid ground.



You have to convince yourself you’re not a failure. And that’s hard. Failure isn’t failure in this case. You believe leaving your relationship, giving up on it, is bailing or ditching, or failing. It is not. Staying with someone who doesn’t treat your with respect is failure. Settling with what you have, is failure.




This person made the choice to cheat. It wasn’t an accident. Not oops or sorry. It wasn’t something they were forced into.

They made the decision to cheat on you.

Knowing it would hurt you.

Honestly, if you stay – it doesn’t make any sense. If this person will hurt you on purpose, you’re not in a relationship. And it certainly isn’t love, real love.

This person will not respect, honor or sacrifice for you.


Don’t settle. Consider your value, your self worth, self respect. What do you want? Do you honestly want what you have? Take a look at your life, at your relationship, a good hard look. And answer that. Truly.

You deserve better. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve.


Look at it this way. If your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé,etc truly loved you, they wouldn’t cheat on you. Love is selfless. Instant gratification isn’t on the list.

I asked my family what they would do if someone cheated on them and I had an instant uproar of painful sounding revenge, and once we got serious, they all brought up valid points. I’m going to use “he” to keep things simple. This was their serious, non cutting body parts (*cough cough* Holly) answer:

“He made a promise to me that I was the one he wanted, he was going to love me forever. So if he cheats on me, he doesn’t deserve me.”


This discussion always bodes the question:

How can you stop being someone who you have loved for so long?

Better question:

How can you stay with someone who doesn’t truly love you?


So, answer me this…

Would you stay with a cheater?

Why or why not?



*note: this post was not written to put anyone down or trash anyone who has stayed with a cheater. This is simply me telling you, that in my opinion, you deserve all the happiness possible. Please keep in mind that I do not think anyone who has stayed with a cheater is a moron. It is your choice.*


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Why I Didn’t Burn ‘Dead Man Rising’ by Lilith Saintcrow

I read the first book in this series, Working for the Devil and loved it. Up until the last few pages. Then I was ready to throw it in the fireplace and watch it burn while stripping down and dancing to the sound of its death. Only, I didn’t have a fireplace, so I was probably going to settle for a bonfire in my back yard. Only I didn’t have one of those either so I said screw it and threw it in my drawer.

But then I realized I had book two in the series and for some reason unknown to me, I read the back of the book blurb.

And boy am I glad I did.

I loved Dead Man Rising. And by extension, I once again love Working for the Devil (it’s in my bookcase now).


Dead Man Rising. My favorite cover.

My favorite cover.


Dante is half demon. Last year, she was one hundred percent human. A necromancer, but human nonetheless. How is she now demon, you may ask?

Oh you know, her demon lover turned her into something altered during a steamy show of love. And then died at the end of the novel, leaving her alone, broken and clueless as to what she was.

I’m pretty sure you can guess why I loathed the ending of that book.

Japh was perfect for her and she’d only just let herself accept her feelings for him.

This book opens with Dante running herself ragged – she wishes, but she’s too strong for that now – hunting down bounties and refusing to sleep. And when she tries for it, sleep refuses her, except for the occasional nightmare.

But the devil calls, looking for her lover Japh, even though he resides as ash in the urn on her mantle. She get’s snarky with him, knowing he’s only puling on the strings of her grief. She’s a Necromancer, she knows better than anyone that once someone is dead, they’re dead. But then again, she doesn’t know much about demon souls. Not that she’s willing to accept that the devil is playing straight with her.

Dante has bigger problems soon thanks to the orphan Hall where she grew up, was owned, collared and ‘taught’ in her psionic gift by the government. The Hall was eventually shut down but not before she, and all the other children residing there, suffered much worse than beatings.

And now it’s come back to haunt her. Literally. People from the school are dying. And whatever is killing them, is not human.


This is the cover I have.

This is the cover I have. Still cool.


Dante is stubborn, brutal and refuses to give into anyone or anything. She fought tooth and nail for everything she has.

Her friend, Gabe calls her in for help on the Hall case, the first real Necromancy requiring gig since Japh died. She’s desperate and Dante knows it.

Jace, her ex lover who is still seeping in ga-ga affection for her, is hanging around. More like stalking her. He refuses to leave her alone and he’s running himself into the ground trying to keep up with Dante, as he’s only human.

Other than these two, Dante is alone in the world, but for her constant connection with Death and her psychopomp.


Something I found funny was Dante’s comments on how the media portrayed her kind, the psions. There are few of them in existence compared to humans and they never place themselves in the limelight if they can at all avoid it. Most of them are treated less than poorly. Yet, the world’s media portrays them as evil and running the world, a danger to humans. Saintcrow keeps it real, showing that even a fantasy world has heaps of superficial and species based hatred, bias and bigotry.


Saintcrow brings this world to life right away. It’s slightly futuristic but not in a science fiction way. Humans fear the psions and psions try to survive. The characters are thicker than the page and they feel so real that you wish you could hurt them when you threw the book at the wall. Just saying. Sometimes I’d love to shake Dante. But mostly, I love the hell out of her. And wish I could cut Jace’s arms off, but whatever.

Saintcrow’s writing style is a bit repetitive at times, as Dante says or thinks the same things verbatim over and over again and though it’s on purpose, sometimes its distracting. I could use a little less physical description too, as I tend to skip over large chunks of the Hall’s description as well as random places on the street.

I love how realistic Saintcrow is. She doesn’t candy coat anything and she doesn’t let anything play out easy or simple. Most of the time Dante doesn’t even think anything is going to turn out in her favor and she keeps her feet on the ground. Yet, Saintcrow manages to keep the atmosphere positive.


Another alternate cover.

Another alternate cover.


You can find Lilith Saintcrow’s books, Working for the Devil and Dead Man Rising here. And the Goodreads page for Dead Man Rising here. She also has a website.

Saintcrow lays out a dark world and gives us a darker woman, one who refuses to give into life’s cruelest killers with power or the most deadly of memories. Dante is an amazing character and I love the deeper look we get into her.


Dante’s grief for Japh’s death is eating her alive in this book and I have to admit – I’m glad about this. At the end of Working for the Devil, I figured she’d shack up with Jace and try to forget the demon, downplay his love and ignore her real feelings.

In all honestly, I was prepared to loath this book. But I had to know if there was a possibility Japh was alive.

Dead Man Rising did not disappoint. Definitely one of my favorites.


Have you read either of these books?


book 1

(book 1)


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Writers and Social Norms

Writers are an odd bunch, no doubt about it. We do a lot of things differently than what is socially acceptable, according to most people. Sometimes we just don’t make sense – even to ourselves.

We do weird things and we laugh at odd times and we tend to get excited when something disturbing happens – because that’s a great idea!





No Reading at the Table

Remember when you were younger and just beginning to like reading? Or you felt like doing homework while you ate dinner so you could get done quicker? And your mom looked at you over her shoulder while grabbing drinks and told you to get that book off the table.

There are some places you’re not supposed to read a book. In a grocery line, at the table, while waiting for a performance to start, blah, blah, blah.

Writers? Yeah. We don’t care. We’re whipping our book out of our bag or purse and reading. Why? Because we love it. Duh. We’re writers for heaven’s sake! And we don’t see the reason in sitting around on our butts, waiting for others when we could be reading.




Don’t Ask That

Questions. Most people don’t like them.

My sister comes home and she’ll be telling me about someone and wondering why they did this or said that or couldn’t go there. Each time, I’ll ask her, why didn’t you ask them that yourself? And each time, she’ll make this face and say she didn’t want to ask, cuz that’s just weird.

WHY?! Why not? What is so horrible about asking a question? There are most obviously some questions you don’t ask.

Like, “when’s the baby due?” because we all know how that one goes. Or, “why don‘t you and your sister just make up?” These are obvious, common sense issues.

If you’re simply curious and want to know more about a person, their culture or why they do the things they do – why not just as simply ask them? It’s up to them whether or not to answer.

I always wondered why people were like this. Then I started noticing that other writers I know feel the same.

We’re curious. We want to know. What makes you tick? Why do you think the way you think? What makes you want that?


Don't look at me, don't look at me...

Don’t look at me, don’t look at me…


Ease Dropping and People Watching are Rude

This is hilarious in our culture. If you look at someone on the streets, they’ll most likely bashfully look away. We’re of a mind to “look away, don’t notice, subtly ignore”.

That and – mind your own business. Don’t listen to me.

What do you want me to do? Close my ears?

For writers, people are our research. One of our best points of reference, one of the best places to get the spark of an ideal or the simple detail we needed to make our world come to life.

Most of us will listen in on other’s conversations if we’re in public. How better to make a character realistic if not to absorb the traits and idiosyncrasies of the people around us. If we’re waiting on someone (and don’t have a book) or simply end up sitting in a park relaxing (when does this ever happen for anyone?), we’ll watch people. How they walk, what they’re wearing, what little personality quirks show up.

Most people are surprised when you say “good morning” while walking past them in the wee hours, out walking your dog. I find that they’ll automatically look away, find themselves overtly interested in the cement or that dead tree across the way.

Me? I don’t stare, but I’ll glance. Smile and keep moving. I don’t feel ashamed when I recognize others walking on the same street. Unless of course they’re a gang banger who’ll shoot me. Then I just make sure my knife’s handy. Because knives block bullets, really. ;)

But really – people – be ware. Us writers are watching you.

*creepy voice*




Socialize or Die

Writing a novel takes a lot of time. No. See, you don’t get it. Let me make this more clear.


Research. Plotting. You need to be inspired, so find some of that. Creating characters and each one’s past and personality. Creating worlds and all the details and rules that go with it. Creating the monsters in your novel.

Then you have to write it. And rewrite it. And spend agonizing hours wondering what your beta readers and critique partners are thinking of what you wrote. And when they send their thoughts back, you’ll probably rewrite more of it. Then revise it. And revise it some more. Then write up queries. Research literary agents.

And that’s simply an idealized list of what you hope is all that happens. Because life.

And guess what?

It takes HOURS out of every day. Every single weekday at least.

People – they don’t get that. And socializing is high up on their list of important things to do. Go hang around, doing nothing together for hours to decompress.

Writers? We tend to find the specific things we want to do with others (even if that means spending some time doing nothing with them), spend that time there, and then go back to our cave, where we write. We need inspiration and time. We read. A lot. We research. A lot.

We are planted in front of a computer for hours at a time. And most people don’t get that. They also don’t understand that we enjoy that.

We do. We love it. Writing is part of who we are. When we want to socialize – we will.




Talking to Yourself means You’re Batty

I remember this movie where a writer is standing on top of a desk, looking down. Someone walks in and asks what the writer is doing.

She says she’s trying to see what it would feel like to commit suicide by jumping off the top of a building.

We’re like that. We also talk to ourselves. Only, we’re sometimes talking to other people. Who aren’t there. Or we respond to someone. Only, no one asked anything.

There are voices in our head. People walking about in our minds with their own separate lives. Writers don’t just visualize. We imagine.

Sometimes we need to stand on top of that table in order to feel the weight of gravity pulling on us. We’re writers, we need to feel it. Because if we don’t feel what we’re writing, no one reading it will either.


Do you see writers doing weird things?

Writers – do you notice people staring at you as if you have nine heads when you do something unorthodox?

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‘Life is But a Dream’ Meaning

Most nursery rhymes and fairy tales have a disturbing background and meaning. So when my siblings and I were lying around in my room and we started singing ‘Row your Boat’, I figured it’d have some demented origin. Like rowing to your doom, being drowned or being forced down a path to your own beheading.

Surprisingly, this one has a good meaning. And when I looked it up, I was smacking my forehead. Because I already knew what it was a metaphor for. What can I say? Sometimes I forget it’s not all burning people to death and water dragons.

Duh. I love the meaning behind this nursery rhyme.

It’s a metaphor for life. We all agree on that. But there are multiple theories on how to break it down, what each object and line mean.

There are two main ideologies and a few random thoughts on specific verses.





Your boat = your life.

The stream = time. Water is always moving, so is time.

Row, row, row = you’re constantly rowing, constantly moving through life, constantly working at it. You don’t just row for a little while and then rest. Uh-uh. No breaks. No rests. Life. Keep moving.

Gently = It’s not a race. You aren’t racing toward the end – um, your death –are you? Gently row through life, don’t hurry. It’s the trip (life) not the destination (death).

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily = attitude, personality, character. How you look at things, positive versus negative, optimist versus pessimist. Be happy, be passionate on the way. They say attitude is everything. Enjoy your life, enjoy the ride.

Life is but a dream = Dream or nightmare, we have the ability to choose what our life will be. We cannot decide what happens, but we can decide who we are, what we become, how we react, how we cope. It’s our life, our dream. And our choice.



Boat = body. It’s the vessel for your movement, changes, growth, learning, development, awareness.

Row, row, row = you have to work for what you want in life, have to apply effort to get where you want to go. Unless you row, your boat won’t go anywhere. Be careful of distractions that could pull you away from your goal. But don’t be so focused, have such blinders on, that you don’t remain open to change, to life, to possibilities.

Gently down the stream = let go of the past, move toward your future. Row gently because to push or force or fight the natural direction your life is leading you will only create stress and upset.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily = you may already have it hard. Don’t make it worse. Water can be rough but you can get through. A negative attitude will not help, in fact, it will make things worse. Use the challenges you face to make you a better person.

Life is but a dream = touches on the dreamlike state of reality. The world is physical around us, yet thoughts and emotions change, shift, alter, transmutation making something less physical, solid. Dreamlike.





  • Row, row, row your boat:

You have to row your own boat. No one else’s. Don’t try to control other people. Control yourself.

Rowing takes skill. Practice makes perfect.

When someone is rowing on their own, it implicates free will and the choices they make that decide which paths they take.

When rowing with others, it touches on the need to work together, in unity to reach the intended goal.

  • Gently down the stream:

Force creates resistance. Don’t resist if you can flow along with the water’s natural path and make something of it. This is different than fighting the challenges, the bumpy stream’s road.

  • Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily:

Take challenges in stride, meet them with a joyous attitude and a smile. Go with the flow.

This is not a rehearsal, not a dry run, not a trial run before the real thing. This is the real thing. You might as well enjoy it. Don’t waste time being upset longer than need be or by holding grudges when you could be happy instead.

  • Life is but a dream:

So stop making it a nightmare.

It has religious overtones of how life is simply the dream before the consequences/rewards.

Life is only a dream, not real. Everything you do is meaningless. (I don’t like this one.)

Life is a short moment. Only a dream when compared to our eternal soul’s existence.





With that in mind, remember that it’s talking about your life for a reason. Ask yourself;

Row, row, row your boat.

Where are you going? Are you headed where you want to be headed? Are you working for what you want? Are you trying to control someone else’s life (with good or bad intentions)? Are you trying to control things you know you can’t/shouldn’t? Are you trying to race through your life? Are you learning, growing, achieving what you want? Are you open to positive change? Open to new paths?

Gently down the stream.

Are you fighting things for the sake of fighting them? Are you fighting for what you believe in without being cruel or self-destructive? Do you approach your life with hope? Have you worked through and let go of your past? Are you enjoying the journey, the process, whatever it is that you’re doing right now? Are you hurrying through things you could instead be enjoying? Are you flexible when things change? Do you adapt well to change?

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily.

Are you happy? Why or why not? Are you holding grudges or focusing on the negative to the point that you’re creating your own heartache? Are you approaching things with a positive attitude? Do you try to find the silver lining? Are you passionate about what you’re doing? Are you aware that regardless of trials, pain, suffering and challenges, there is always hope?

Life is but a dream.

There are three definitions of a dream :

1: “a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep.”

2: “a vision voluntarily indulged in while awake; daydream; reverie.” “an idea or vision that is created in your imagination and that is not real”

3: “something that you have wanted very much to do, be, or have for a long time”

Are you helping your life to be a dream or a nightmare? How can your life be more dreamlike; what would you need to do/achieve/change to shape your life into a dream – your dream? Are you making the right choices for yourself? If your life is a nightmare, what can you do to work toward bettering it?




Row, row, row your boat,

Gently down the stream.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Life is but a dream.


Just remember: Water is rough but boats are tough.


What does this rhyme mean to you? Do you have a favorite metaphor?


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Are Adults Pathetic for Reading Young Adult Books?

Dear Dudettes and Dudes -


There is this huge argument surrounding young adult books lately.

I am uber picky when it comes to books. It’s really hard for me to read a book and LOVE it. This is because of the characters, the plots and the theme. That being said.




If you are over the age of 18 and you read Young Adult books, a black bird of doom will NOT – I repeat – WILL NOT swoop out of the sky, pick you up with their huge shaming talons and drag you off to the World of Losers Who Should Die of Embarrassment.

Honestly. Who cares.

Book sounds good.

You read book.

You like book.

The end.


Guess what young adult book series I’ve read?


Yep. Did I love it? Yes. When I was fifteen. Does that mean adults who read it are stupid, pathetic or doomed? No.

I’ve also read the first Vampire Diaries book.

Holy crap, stop throwing stones!

I also read The Harry Potter books. When I was in middle school they were the best things ever.

That and Dean Koontz and Anne Rice’s vampire novels. NOT young adult books. See how that works?


Guess what young adult book I won’t read?

The Hunger Games.

Why? It doesn’t sound appealing. At all.


And that’s why I read a book.

Either it sounds appealing or I’m curious. If the latter, I could be curious for any number of reasons. But that’s not the point.

The point is – if a book sounds good, I don’t care if it’s young adult or adult. I will read it.


Truthfully, 99% of the novels I read and enjoy are adult fiction.

I’m not big on young adult because of the amount of parental control, school and superficial melodrama. I also don’t read adult books which have a lot of superficial, childish melodrama.


So, we’ve established that Daphne isn’t big on young adult novels.

She has read young adult novels and will continue to read any young adult novels that sound appealing or she is curious about.

BUT – does Daphne think young adult books are stupid, pathetic or stereotypically childish?

Um, no. Daphne does not think this.


If you read (assuming it’s not the journal of a sadistic murderer for fun), I am thrilled! You’re reading. Yay! I’m a writer. I love hearing that you read.


You like what you like. I like what I like.


Even horses read! Are you going to hate on horses?

Even horses read! Are you going to hate on horses?


If you read YA, you are not pathetic. Know what would be pathetic? If I called you pathetic because you liked something different than me.


Just listen to Delilah here. (You can trust her. Really. She has a pet unicorn and she speaks magical words and wears corsets. Which has nothing to do with this but is still awesome.)



“A statement on fandom. Ahem. I like stuff. You like stuff. Let us like stuff, both together and separately, and be glad of it. THE END.”


“More on fandom: You should never be made to feel bad for liking stuff as much or as little as you wish. Or for changing your mind.”

- March 12, 2014


THIS DOES NOT MEAN, wave your Hunger Games banner in someone’s face if you know they don’t like it. If they say they don’t want to read the books or watch the movie – you have no right to put them down, call them pathetic or stop treating them with respect.


It all comes down to three things.

1: story

2: who you are

3: what you like


So seriously. Stop putting people down for having their own likes and dislikes. You’re not really saying anything about them. You’re showing everyone who is watching you what kind of person you are.


We can all talk about what we love. We can all discuss and have theoretical and philosophical conversations over why we do or don’t despise a certain book.




“I can’t stand this book!”

“I loathe that book!”

“How come you like that book?”



“You’re stupid for liking that book.”


Young adult is not for young adults.

It is ABOUT young adults.

They are not second rate or pathetic. To each his own.

I read Anne Rice and Dean Koontz in the 5th grade and loved them. I still read and love Dean Koontz. I read Vampire Diaries last year.


I have my opinions. I do not, however, hate authors or readers of books I do not like.


NOTE* I do not condone or like any books that are telling people to murder, torture animals or humans or to do anything else illegal or harmful. There is a difference. That is not what I am talking about.


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Emotional Zombie

Do you ever feel so emotionally and mentally exhausted that you can’t be mentally creative?

I mean – creating something physically, doing some sort of physical craft doesn’t require this.

But creating a blog post or story idea or writing prompt or sliding into the emotional and mental glove of a character to write from the viewpoint of – that takes some mental/emotional energy. Even engaging in serious conversations or mustering the energy to respond to a semi serious email. Or you know, responding to comments on your blog.
Do you ever run out of this?


So, yeah. I’m an emotional zombie right now. I should be writing this awesome blog post and I’m just kind of like….um….uh….*zzzzzzsssst*

This is the sound of my brain malfunctioning.


I’m pretty sure that when Im done posting this, I can go brainstorm the new character I need to add to my WIP even though I’m already 30,000+ words in, but hey. It needs to be done. That’s the beauty of not knowing.

Like I said on Twitter the other day. I like not knowing what’s going to happen because it keeps me excited and my story interesting. So I only plot A, B, C ….. J, K …. M, N ….. Q, R….. X, Y, Z.

But anywho – WAAAAY off subject.
As far as physical crafts go, my sister, Holly a.k.a. Panda a.k.a. Mallow, gave me an awesome idea. It’s not anything major but I was glad she thought of it.
I have this adorable little piggy bank. But its pink. Pepto-Bismol pink. I don’t like light pinks of any kind. There are only a few shades of pink I will tolerate. But I love the piggy bank to pieces because its adorable.
So Holly, being the awesome artist that she is, decided to paint her pink piggy bank green.
Genius, right?
So I got to looking at mine and wishing I could paint it. Holly Mallow Panda, in all her magnanimous awesomeness, let me use her paints.
At first I considered painting it blue but she only has light blue. Not working for Daphne.
I ended up doing the same dark green she used.

Which got me thinking this morning. Zombie. Brain not working. Green. Oh hey – green piggy!

And here is my piggy.

Before I painted it.

0206-110752 0206-110800 0206-110810

While I was painting it.

0206-111635 0206-111644 0206-111653

And after I painted it.

0306-221643 0306-221652 0306-221807

Sometimes I think I over complicate things. To a ridiculous extent. Really.
Like with my blogging. I started out simple, blogging on simple things. No big.
Then I felt like I had to go all out and find complicated, whole ordeals to blog on. And so lately I’ve become exhausted with blogging. As if I have to have some UBER MASSIVE IDEA to post on.
Simplicity is so much easier.
But then I worry that simple is too boring. Or pointless.
Like this post you have your eyeballs glued to the computer or phone screen to read. What was the point of his post? I have no idea.
Except zombies and piggy banks. And that my brain isn’t working to make some complicated blog post about some amazing idea that will change your life.


And I like this shade of pink.



Do you over complicate things? Wish you could remember to keep things simple?
Please, speak to me – do you ever get Emotionally Zombied?


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